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‘Labyrinth’ The Adventures, Fantasy Movie You Should Not Miss

“Labyrinth” is one of those iconic movies that many people will remember watching as a child. As an adult, the film takes on a whole new meaning, with Sarah coming to terms with her mistakes and trying to overcome them to save Toby from the Goblin King Jareth. It’s a powerful story that you should see if you haven’t already. The film stars David Bowie as “Jareth the Goblin King,” Jennifer Connelly as Sarah, and Freddie Highmore as Toby. Even if you’re not fond of fantasy stories and don’t like making guesses, it’s still worth watching “Labyrinth” just to see how well David Bowie can sing when given a fair chance. “The Labyrinth” is a fantasy movie, but it’s a very dark fantasy. There isn’t much going on in this movie other than Sarah and Jareth’s relationship, but the interactions between the two of them are compelling.

Cast and Character?

  • David Bowie as Jareth
  • Jennifer Connelly as Sarah
  • Toby Froud as Toby
  • Shelley Thompson as Stepmother
  • Christopher Malcolm as Father
  • Natalie Finland as Fairy
  • Shari Weiser as Hoggle
  • Brian Henson as Hoggle(voice)
  • Ron Mueck as Ludo(voice)
  • Rob Mills as Ludo
  • Dave Goelz as Didymus(voice)
  • David Alan Barclay as Didymus 
  • David Shaughnessy as Didymus(voice)
  • Karen Prell as The Worm
  • Timothy Bateson as The Worm(voice)
  • Frank Oz as The Wiseman
  • Michael Hordern as The Wiseman(voice)
  • Denise Bryer

When was the movie released?

The movie was released on June 27, 1986, in the United States.

What is the plot of the film? 

A sixteen-year-old girl named Sarah resides in a home with her baby brother Toby, who is under threat of being taken away by the Labyrinth’s Goblin King. Sarah is given thirteen hours to solve the Labyrinth and rescue her baby brother. However, every time she has to go through a different door, she must solve a riddle to proceed further into the Labyrinth. The Goblin King goes back and forth with Sarah on whether or not he will return Toby if she manages to get past all of the obstacles within the labyrinth. It’s a game between Jareth and Sarah that’s constantly changing as they try to trick each other into getting what they want. When it comes to Sarah’s love for her baby brother, she’ll do whatever it takes to save him from the Goblin King Jareth.

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What is Interesting about the movie?

Labyrinth” is more than just a movie; it has a full-fledged cult following. Not only did it influence future fantasy movies, but it also influenced audiences of all ages because of its captivating storyline and heartwarming messages about family. This film serves as a reminder for viewers to be grateful for what they have instead of wishing for something better or worse and it’s worth watching at least once in your lifetime.

Who can watch this?

The film is out for a variety of different age groups. It can be watched by kids and teens and adults, but the movie is best viewed by a person much younger than the typical 16-year-old.


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