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‘To Leslie’ A New Drama Inspired By True Events.

‘To Leslie’ A New Drama Inspired By True Events.

Momentum Pictures has revealed an official trailer for To Leslie, marking the feature film debut of TV director Michael Morris. An award-winning director, a powerful cast and an emotionally heartbreaking story. All of these things can be found in To Leslie, a new drama from Momentum Pictures that is inspired by true events. Texas lottery win that happened in 2004. A single mother  decides to shun her family and friends because she believes there was no way they could have won (wrong), and she just doesn’t want the bad publicity… until it gets too much to handle and she has no choice but to come home. The film tells the story of a woman coming to terms with the consequences of her bad decisions in life. She fights. Against herself, against her family and against what she knows is right. Keeping secrets, pretending and lying to the people she loves the most.

Who is in the cast?

  • Andrea Riseborough as Leslie
  • Allison Janney as Nancy
  • Marc Maron as Sweeney
  • Andre Royo as Royal
  • Owen Teague as James
  • Stephen Root as Dutch
  • James Landry Hébert as Pete
  • Catfish Jean as Darren
  • Scott Subiono as Rancher Glen

What is the movie about?


A powerful, moving and often shocking story of life in an American small town, To Leslie is a heartbreaking yet ultimately redemptive tale of one woman’s journey to finding forgiveness. “To Leslie” is a coming of age drama that explores the lives of an emotionally confused woman, a single mom named Leslie who discovers she’s won millions in the lottery. When she arrives at her family home to find out it has been foreclosed on and tries to figure out what she can do, her memories return and show her the harsh realities of life on Earth. As a former marine, she has a fierce desire to find the right path and make the right choices. But she is unclear in her mind and her struggle to find herself leads to confusion. Although the story is based on true events, there are some elements that have changed. For example, Kelly was not raped by her father and therefore does not bear his children; as well as that she does not push away her kids but tries to be there for them. 

What is the Releasing Date?

The film had its world premiere on March 12, 2022. It was announced that the film will be released on October 7, 2022.

How Is the movie based on true events?

Momentum Pictures’ To Leslie gives a unique insight into the mind of a person who is not in their right mind. A full-on story that shows how a lot of people live day-to-day and can be very similar, but at times can be completely different. It’s a drama and that means it’s layered and complicated. For those who are interested in seeing what life is like for a family who has been rejected by their loved ones, the main characters struggle to come to terms with this, whether it is from the father or mother side, you will see how things go from there.


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