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Goosebumps Is Children Horror Everything You Need To Know About This Series Is Here

Get ready to be scared. Goosebumps is a series of scary anthology horror books created by R.L. Stine, and the TV series hosts include R.L. Stine for twelve episodes, Drew Barrymore for six episodes, and Tim Curry for one episode each. This post will tell you Everything You Need To Know About this series so that you don’t get too scared. That’s everything from the books to TV, from Monster Blood to Nightmare in Pumpkin Hill. If even after this post you still want more information on Goosebumps, then go online and search it there yourself because I have nothing left to say about it. Now go have fun reading Goosebumps.

Who was in the cast of this series?

All the cast members are listed below:

  • R.L. Stine is shown as R.L. Stine
  • Kathryn Short is shown as Sabrina Mason 
  • Cody Jones is shown as Noah Caldwell 
  • Scott Wickware is shown as Hard Hat Worker 
  • Hamille Rustia is shown as Allison Rogers
  • Ron Stefaniuk is shown as Assorted Horrors 
  • Ben Cook is shown as Josh Benson 
  • Kathryn Long is shown as Carly Beth Caldwell
  • Corey Sevier is shown as Eddie 
  • Caterina Scorsone is shown as Jessica Walters 
  • Colin Fox is shown as Shopkeeper
  • Beki Lantos is shown as Kareen Hawlings 
  • Neil Crone is shown as a Black 
  • Amos Crawley is shown as Chuck Greene
  • Diego Matamoros is shown as Morgred 
  • Brenda Bazinet is shown as Carly Beth’s Mom 
  • Alex Fallis is shown as Fish Face 
  • Jason Hopley is shown as Assorted Horrors
  • Bucky Hill is shown as Football Player 
  • Cal Dodd is shown as Slappy
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What was the series about?

Goosebumps was an anthology series that featured scary stories told by R.L. Stine, who is the author of many books in the Goosebumps book series. Each episode had two stories per episode, and they usually ended with a twist. It aired from 1995 to 1998 on YTV in Canada and FOX Kids/Fox Family Channel in the USA.

Who created it?

R.L. Stine was the creator, producer, and writer of all episodes of the show (he was also the writer of all 38 books in the Goosebumps book series). Drew Barrymore was part of 26 episodes, but that’s not all she did since she had her TV series going on at the same time (she said she had a lot of work as a producer for her Toot & Puddle shows airing alongside Goosebumps).

Why was this series so scary? 

The subjects of the stories in this series were very serious, and they were also included in other “scary” anthologies like Goosebumps Horrorland, Goosebumps Rotten School, Goosebumps Haunted Halloween, Goosebumps Return Of Slappy Scarecrow or even grown-up horror movies like ‘Nightmare On Elm Street’ or ‘Friday The 13th’.


Why should you watch this series?

Well, if you want to be scared, then this is the thing for you to watch. I recommend watching the whole series over and over again because it’s always a bit scarier when you know what’s coming. Watch it with your friends and family and you’ll have the best time of your life. You should watch this series because it’s on a few lists for best TV shows of all time, and also because it’s my favorite series of all time.

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