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Emily Movie Release Date, Plot, And Everything You Need To Know

The film is based on a well-known yet little-known book: Emily Brontë’s journal, which was published posthumously. The film is about the author’s last year of life and it’s about figuring out what the characters are thinking. The fictional Emily is 14 at the beginning of the film and she has a boyfriend named Ben who is also in her class. She also has a younger sister named Charlotte. She has had a very unsatisfactory life up to that point, however, which makes it very hard for her to be an adult. Her father dies before she is even born. That puts pressure on her to be strong and responsible and make good choices, which she doesn’t do well at this stage of the film. She’s coached by her grandfather, who takes them on a walk around the lake and tells them both they are not ready for this step in life yet.

Releases: October 14, 2022

Country: United States

Language: English


Running Time: 130 minutes 

IMDb Rating: 7.3/10

Cast And Crew :

Directed and Written by: Frances O’Connor

Produced by:

  • Jo Bamford
  • David Barron
  • Robert Patterson
  • Piers Tempest


  • Emma Mackey as Emily Brontë
  • Fionn Whitehead as Branwell Brontë
  • Oliver Jackson-Cohen as William Weightman
  • Alexandra Dowling as Charlotte Brontë
  • Amelia Gething as Anne Brontë
  • Adrian Dunbar
  • Gemma Jones

What is the movie about?


It’s about a woman who is a writer and a painter, a young lady named Emily. She’s not the one you think she is. She doesn’t look like she looks in her paintings, as you will see in the film. She’s a rebel. She’s a misfit. She wants to be part of the sexual revolution and she thinks it has started [then] in England and she doesn’t like what her parents are doing. Her mother is very proper, very old-fashioned, and very Christian.

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Who is it based on?


It’s based on journals that were written by Emily Brontë, who was an English writer and painter. She wrote Wuthering Heights after her 17-year-old sister, Charlotte died which gave her brother, Emily’s father sole guardianship of her and his wife to take care of him.

What makes this film different from other biographies?

It’s a biography of a poet who died at the age of 30. She died of tuberculosis. She had her first poem published at the age of seven, very precocious. This is one little movie fragment of her life and it’s a teen romance. It’s also about growing up in the 1960s and being part of this civil rights struggle. There are huge battles for civil rights going on in America and she’s kind of part of that movement. Fights are going on in England too and young women like Emily don’t have any place to fit into society because she is just too creative to join the church or to get married or have kids.


Why is this movie important?

 So much of history has been written by men. So much of it has been about what the British did during a certain period. This is a point of view from a woman: someone who has been picked on, someone who has had to live in her brother’s shadow and that is very rare in film history.

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