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Doctor Who 2022 Special’s Third Episode Is Coming Out This Month

Doctor Who 2022 Special’s Third Episode Is Coming Out This Month

The Doctor Who Special series is coming back with a bang! The third episode is set to premiere on BBC. If you are like us, then there is nothing better than watching an episode on the big screen once a week in high definition with surround sound. There won’t be any spoilers here so if you have not yet seen the first two episodes then do not worry; this post will give you all the need-to-know information about what’s in store for episode three. The Doctor is trapped in a Dalek prison inside a spaceship and will have to work with his old friend Romana II to save the universe once again.

Episode 3 Premier On October 23, 2022

Country: United Kingdom

Language: English


Running Time: 50 minutes per episode

IMDb Rating: 6.0/10

Cast And Crew :

Created by:

  • Sydney Newman
  • C. E. Webber
  • Donald Wilson


  • Jodie Whittaker is shown as The Doctor
  • Bradley Walsh is shown as Graham O’Brien
  • Tosin Cole is shown as Ryan Sinclair
  • Mandip Gill is shown as Yasmin Khan
  • John Barrowman is shown as Captain Jack Harkness
  • Chris Noth is shown as Robertson
  • Harriet Walter is shown as Jo Patterson
  • Nathan Stewart-Jarrett is shown as Leo Rugazzi
  • Nathan Armarkwei Laryea is shown as Armen 
  • Helen Anderson is shown as Rachel
  • Nicholas Briggs is shown as Daleks 

What is the series based upon?

The Doctor Who Special will be a continuation of the first series. The Doctor’s journey is still going, and so must be the show itself. The special’s first episode was just this past Saturday and even though it was only 76 minutes long, it still had more than enough to make an impression. The actors listed above stick around to play their parts in the special, which makes the viewers trust them more when they join in later episodes that come later this year.

What is interesting about this series?

Now, this is a tricky one because it is kind of hard to describe what’s unique about the series. The TARDIS crew gets split up for a short period and meets some new characters. While we all know that there will be action and mystery, that’s not all that makes the special so great. There are some very touching moments between Amy and Rory and the Doctor’s relationship with Romana II. There are a lot of shocking moments between all the characters and their reactions are something to look forward to.

Why should you watch it?

If you have ever watched the old episodes of Doctor Who, then you know this show could never have existed without Doctor’s first adventure in 1963. The special will give the viewers a taste of the old series’ “spy” feel with some new characters and Doctor Who’s known for making the old feel fresh again. The special is already out in stores and it’s time to buy it! All of us fans are stocking up on our copies and making sure that we will be able to watch this exciting episode. If you are still confused as to whether or not you want to watch this episode, then take a look at the new trailer below. The Doctor rarely gets his ship, so we’re thrilled that he finally has his TARDIS. This one is not quite as glitzy as his usual ones, but it’s still really cool looking.


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