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“Nosferatu” Is One Of The Best Gothic Horror Of 1920s

“Nosferatu” Is One Of The Best Gothic Horror Of 1920s

“Nosferatu” is one of the best Gothic horror movies. It tells the story of Orlok and his encounter with a new resident, real estate agent Hutter’s wife, which pays off big time. It is a film that has all of the elements that make for a great horror movie: an evil undead creature, fear-inducing story with lots of suspense and action, creepy atmosphere, and fantastic acting all around. The overall effect feels authentic in every way; it’s just not like any other horror film out there today.” This post tells you some things related to “Nosferatu”, like who this film was directed by or who made it or when it was released. These are the names of people who worked on this film. They all played a very important part in making it happen.

What was the movie about?


The movie was about a real estate agent whose wife is tired of her life in Germany and wishes to move to Venice, Italy. However, the real estate agent refuses because of business obligations.One night however, a strange man appears at their door and requests to buy the house. The husband refuses repeatedly, but eventually chops off the stranger’s finger. The next night however, Hutter tries to get rid of the stranger by putting his body in a boat and it gets eaten by rats. This is where the horror begins. The next few nights there are knocks on their door that no one else can hear except for Hutter and his wife. It starts out that the man wants to converse, but then he demands his wife to come outside. 

He then puts out a fire with his hands and kills her in one swift motion. The last night however, Hutter tries to strike the stranger, but he then uses his supernatural powers to strangle Hunter’s wife. In fear of his own life and helplessness, Hutter decides that he must kill the stranger before he can take away everything from him.


Why was it the best gothic horror?


One of the best Gothic horror movies ever made, “Nosferatu” is a film that’s equally terrifying and suspenseful. It has everything that a good horror movie needs: an interesting and mysterious character, creepy atmosphere, and suspenseful action. It does not hold back on showing its audience the inside secrets of how these monsters are made. This movie has such a unique atmosphere that it could almost be a documentary in itself.

What makes this specific scene so scary? 


The way the creature kills Hutter’s wife shows no mercy at all. The way he strangles her while she’s begging for her life shows just how brutal he is. This scene is so gruesome and frightening that it can give people nightmares for years after they watch it. The horror of “Nosferatu” is a very realistic effect; this is why the audience feels so involved. They are both on the edge of their seats and on the edge of their seats in terror, which makes the movie so intense. The way the character shows mercy only to be murdered in an instant also shows how brutal he is and that anyone who crosses him gets killed. The audience can feel his wrath from this scene as well, which gives them goosebumps as a result.


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