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It’s The Time When This Manga Named ‘Chainsaw Man’ Will Hit Our Screens

The time has come to watch this popular manga named ‘Chainsaw Man’ hit our screens. This manga was created by author Yamada Kotaro and the series is still ongoing with over 30 volumes currently released. This series is not only a thrilling suspenseful thriller, but it also deals with religion, philosophy, and how the soul lives on after death. The main character, Denji is a high school student who was framed for his older brother’s murder. He was stabbed and left to die, but then he inexplicably comes back to life after being cut in two by a chainsaw. And not only that, he becomes the host of Beelzebub and has gained new powers from the transformation. Denji is incredibly hot-blooded and uses his super strength, heightened senses, and remarkable power to fight against supernatural beings known as ‘ayakashi’. They are the evil spirits of the human realm that must be exterminated at all costs.

Voice Cast:

  • Ryan Colt Levy is shown as Denji
  • Fairouz Ai is shown as a Power
  • Sarah Wiedenheft is shown as Power
  • Suzie Yeung is shown as Makima
  • Reagan Murdock is shown as Aki
  • Kikunosuke Toya is shown as Denji
  • Shogo Sakata is shown as Aki
  • Tomori Kusunoki is shown as Makima

Who should watch this anime series?

This is a series that is suitable for everyone. You don’t have to be a fan of manga or anime, but if you are, we believe you would enjoy this series. It’s not just about the storyline; it’s also very engaging and you will love the way the story is narrated. This series is about a young man who had to go through the most horrible experience and yet, he still gets to put a smile on his face because he knows that death doesn’t mean the end. It’s just one step towards something much better. Of course, this is not just about death or salvation; it’s also about fighting for justice and making sure that those who have done wrong will get what they deserve.

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How did fans react to the trailer of this anime?

Fans were ecstatic to know that this series is finally getting its anime adaptation and they can’t wait to see how it would turn out. Those who have already read the manga series were very excited that this adaptation won’t just cover the first few volumes but it will also include a lot more material from the recent volumes. We can say that most fans are thrilled about this news, particularly those who have wanted to see a live-action adaptation in the past years. The fans have been asking for this since a few years ago, but nothing has been set into motion until now. And speaking of the trailer, everyone was able to see what Denji would look like in his demon form. In the manga series, his transformation and his power were not fully revealed, but they were able to see just what he will look like and they are very impressed with how faithful this adaptation will be to the source material.

Will you want to watch it?

After seeing this trailer, we’re sure you would want to catch up on this anime series. With good animation quality and a gripping storyline, we can say that you would love this anime. We also believe that most viewers would find it entertaining as many elements in the story will keep them engaged. This series is expected to premiere on October 11, 2022

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