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‘Fleishman Is In Trouble’ Is A TV Miniseries All Set To Release This Winter

‘Fleishman Is In Trouble’ Is A TV Miniseries All Set To Release This Winter

This miniseries follows Toby, a family man, and successful lawyer, as he battles to raise his two daughters and keep his family intact as he faces the after-effects of divorce. For many people, a family law crisis means struggling through their divorce process. If you want to know what life is like for those who find themselves on the other side of this inevitable event in their lives, the television show “Fleishman is In Trouble” will give you an accurate glimpse into what it’s like from day-to-day with all its highs and lows. 

Premier On: November 17, 2022

Country: United States

Language: English


Cast And Crew :

Created by: Taffy Brodesser-Akner

Based on: Fleishman Is in Trouble by Taffy Brodesser-Akner

Executive producers:

  • Carl Beverly
  • Taffy Brodesser-Akner
  • Susannah Grant
  • Sarah Timberman
  • Jonathan Dayton
  • Valerie Faris


  • Jesse Eisenberg as Toby Fleishman
  • Lizzy Caplan as Libby, one of Toby’s best friends
  • Claire Danes as Rachel, Toby’s ex-wife
  • Maxim Jasper Swinton as Solly
  • Meara Mahoney Gross as Hanna
  • Adam Brody as Seth, one of Toby’s best friends

What is the series about?


“Fleishman is In Trouble” is a fictional drama about Toby Fleishman who is an extremely successful attorney in family law. He is married to his successful business partner and after their 15th anniversary, he finds out that she has been cheating on him for the last year. He leaves her and moves into a new house in the suburbs with his daughters Amy and Zoe. His ex-wife storms into his office one day and wants to discuss their divorce terms. She becomes demanding when Toby tells her that it’s too early to talk about dividing assets, even though they were separated for more than one year.


What makes this series interesting to watch?

“Fleishman is In Trouble” is a must-see TV show for all families who are going through a divorce. It will give them a glimpse of what life looks like from the other side of the bench. The show will prove to them that no matter how painful the process may be, it can be done in a highly dignified manner with strong family values. This is a rare story where you will see a husband who does not cheat on his wife and leads his home with honor, respect, and invaluable wisdom.

Why should you watch this series?

This series is different from any other show out there because it highlights how family court cases are conducted and what they entail. While the show portrays real-life cases, it is still fictional and greatly dramatized to make it interesting. The show will show you what family court cases are like today, by portraying the opinions and opinions of today’s judges as well as lawyers. “Fleishman is In Trouble” will help you relate to the many different families who are going through a divorce. Depending on your perspective, you may enjoy watching this series for the comedy, the drama, or even the suspense. “Fleishman is In Trouble” brings to life a lot of different emotions that couples go through and how they handle them in everyday situations.

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