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Director Neil Marshall Coming With A New Action Horror Movie ‘The Liar’

It seems like everything’s coming up roses in Hollywood. Director Neil Marshall is finally back with his new action horror film and it looks like it will have audiences pulling out their hair once again. Enter The Lair, directed by Marshall and starring Charlotte Kirk as Lt. Kate Sinclair, who crashed her plane in the middle of Afghanistan only to wind up fighting for her life against the vile creatures from below. Nail Marshall’s last film was The Reckoning, which had a mixed response by fans. The movie itself was a great story but the ending left fans feeling underwhelmed. However, now that they have seen more of what Marshall has to offer, it appears that he has learned from his past mistakes in casting and story development. It also looks like he has finally gotten his timing down as well. One can only imagine that this film will change everything for him as a director and as an actor considering the high-powered cast he has put together for this project.

Who is In the cast?

  • Jonathan Howard will show as Hook.
  • Charlotte Kirk will show as Sinclair.
  • Jamie Bamber will appear as Finch.
  • Kibong Tanji will be shown as Lafayette.
  • LeonO ckenden will show as Jones.
  • Mark Strepan will show as Wilks.
  • Hadi Khanjanpour will appear as Kabir.
  • Troy Alexander will appear as Bromhead.
  • Harry Taurasi will appear as Hughes.
  • Mark Arends will show as Everett.
  • Alex Morgan will show as Johnson.
  • Adam Bond will appear as Serrano.
  • Sarah Lambie.

Releasing Date:

The Film ‘The Lair’ is scheduled to be released on October 28, 2022, and also it is expected to stream in 2023.

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What is the movie  based upon?

The plot of the movie is pretty straightforward. The story revolves around a Royal Air Force pilot, Lt. Kate Sinclair, who crashed her plane in the middle of Afghanistan only to wind up fighting for her life against the vile creatures from below. The strange occurrences start when Sinclair and her team go down into the bunker to fix what they think is a simple water leak. However, when they go in there they discover that this leak is nothing like they have seen before. According to Marshall, this film is one of his most creative yet and it will take audiences on an adventure that they will never forget but at the same time never see coming or expect.

Is there a trailer?

Yes, the film has its trailer and it was pretty interesting to watch. It showed that the movie has a five-star cast with some really great names, but it mainly seems like it is the director Marshall who is making this project everything that it can be. It was also quite interesting to see Charlotte Kirk as one of the leading female actors because she always seems to play one of the good guys in every film that she is in; not just an innocent bystander but rather someone who actually does something to help save the day.

What was the audience reaction to the trailer?

The audience really reacted well to the trailer. In fact, they actually loved it and found it to be one of the best trailers that they had ever seen. They loved Marshall’s work and they really seemed to like what they saw in this movie too.

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