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A24 Releases Trailer Of ‘Stars At Noon’ Which Shows Joe Alwyn and Margaret Qualley in Erotic Thriller

This week, A24 released the trailer for Stars at Noon, an erotic thriller starring Joe Alwyn and Margaret Qualley. The new trailer introduces Daniel, portrayed by Alwyn, as a mysterious Englishman who happens upon Trish (Qualley), an American journalist visiting Nicaragua. The trailer is filled with sensual moments that give audiences a glimpse of the film’s plot. It revolves around Daniel and Trish persuading their loved ones to marry them just before tragedy strikes. The film is directed by Claire Denis, In March, A24 announced that Stars at Noon would be released on October 14th, 2022.

What is the Cast?

  • Margaret Qualley as Trish.
  • Joe Alwyn as Daniel.
  • Benny Safdie as CIA Man.
  • Danny Ramirez as Costa Rican Policeman.
  • John C. Reilly as American Boss.
  • Nick Romano as Second Lieutenant.
  • Stephan Proaño as Vice President.
  • Monica Bartholomew as La Señora.
  • Carlos Bennett as Taxi Driver Mercado.
  • Sebastián Donoso as Taxi Driver.
  • Hector Moreno as Travel Agent.
  • Robin Duran as Costa Rican Border Chief.
  • Jose Leonel Hernandez as Night Watchman.

About The Movie:

Stars at Noon is an erotic thriller that follows Daniel (Joe Alwyn), who arrives in present-day Nicaragua after his plane crashes in an unknown region of the world. He soon crosses paths with a young American journalist named Trish (Margaret Qualley). The film centers around love and intrigue as it takes place in 1984’s Nicaragua, where a mysterious English businessman (Liam Neeson) falls for an American journalist (Margaret Qualley), who is on the way to cover the political chaos of the time, and decides to help her. But as they get closer and closer, they find themselves caught in a dangerous web of lies and conspiracies. 

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Why Should I Watch this movie?

Stars at Noon is one of the most talked-about new releases, with Margaret Qualley and Joe Alwyn as the stars. It’s a love story and If you’re into romance, you’ll love this film because it has some of the most romantic moments ever. If you’re looking for something to watch with your bae, or if you just want to see two very attractive people fall in love, this movie is exactly what you’re looking for. It has a high-quality plot that keeps you engaged. There is not only romance and suspense but also a mystery. It all adds up to a high-quality movie that you can watch over and over.

How Fans Reacted to the trailer?

Fans are ecstatic about the trailer and are very eager to watch it because of all the dramatic moments that will be included. Everyone is very excited to see Joe Alwyn and Margaret Qualley together on screen. It’s dramatic, intense, and full of suspense. The music and the camera slow down are great. The dialogue keeps you interested and engaged in what’s happening because it gets to you. This film looks like it has everything: drama, suspense, romance, action, etc., it looks like a good film to binge-watch when you’re bored and want to watch something that keeps you engaged.

Stars At Noon releasing Date?

The film bearing the same name is set to release on October 14′ 2022 by A24 in the United States.

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