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‘Date With Destiny’ Is The Upcoming Arabic Series

West meets East in a comedic way as Galal’s life turns upside down as a result of an odd meeting with a random stranger. The next day he wakes up to find everything that will happen to him during the day written on his body, turning his days into a series of funny situations. In the first episode, a mysterious group of people seeks Galal, who is an acclaimed actor and comedian, to help them with a film project. As it turns out, this person is surprisingly Galal’s brother who has been missing for years. The situation takes a curious turn as the other people are his bodyguards.

Premiered On: April 2, 2022.

Language: Arabic

Cast And Crew :

Directed by: Khaled El Halfway


Written by: Abdel Rahman Gawish and Ihab Blaibel


  • Akram Hosni as Galal Ehsan Kadry 
  • Amr Abdul Gelil as Badawy
  • Ayten Amer as Rokia 
  • Hanan Suliman as Mahasen 
  • Ismail Farghaly
  • Hanady Muhanna as Salma 
  • Hana Zahran as Galila 
  • Mohamed Taiema
  • Ahmed Othman
  • Hla Roushdy as Gigi 
  • Ezzat Zain as Salma’s father 
  • Mahmoud Alsisi
  • Passant El Nabarawy
  • Osama Abdullah
  • Azza Labieb
  • Mostafa Abd Elsalam
  • Samia Trabelsi
  • Hanaa Al Shorbag

What do people think about this miniseries?


“The first episode was quite entertaining, it is a comedy and I like how they used the pictures in the description. It makes you think, c’mon, who hasn’t thought about that before? The acting was decent, the plot has good potential. It is different from what we have here in Kuwait. So far so good”. “It’s pretty cool. Good luck to everyone involved in the project. I love it when people do something new. This might be one of those unique ideas that take off; there’s a reason people do remakes.

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What makes this series interesting?


The plot is interesting, the main character has a good personality that makes the series funny. In addition to that, the pictures used in each episode are interesting. None of you have seen this. What I liked about this miniseries was that it is a bit different from what we usually see here. What I didn’t like was the use of pictures for scenes that are not happening on screen. It’s just weird and distracting.


Who should watch this film?


I recommend this miniseries for people that love comedy. I recommend this miniseries for people that hate boredom! But the way to give boring things is by writing long paragraphs instead of a few words and by using weird pictures. This miniseries is good for people who love comedy drama with some twists and turns.

What can we expect from it?


We will see more of Galal’s talent in acting. Moreover, there are other actors and actresses in the series that will surprise us with their performances. I am sure we will laugh our hearts out. The show can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It is a comedy with family values and a heartwarming plot”.

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