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The Lincoln Project’ Is All Set For Its Documentary Series

The United States presidential election of 2016 is one that not just the country but the world will be talking about for years to come. The Lincoln Project is a documentary series that takes you inside the war rooms of some top Republicans who decided to make a difference in this massive showdown between two vastly different candidates. It follows them before, during, and after they launch their SuperPAC and they’ve succeeded in getting their message out with different tactics as what was typically done in an election gets new meanings thanks to Trump. 

About this docuseries:


‘The Lincoln Project’ Documentary Series Reveals How ‘Political Activists Keep Working’. You might have seen that there have been talks in recent months about Donald Trump winning the Presidential election. Despite all of his faults, he was still a huge surprise to most Americans who had never thought he would be president before yesterday.

Who is in the cast?



The cast of this political movie is still unknown but the reasons why this show is so good includes the team behind it. The Lincoln Project was co-created by two documentary filmmakers, Aaron Kunz and Jared Hess. Both of them have a lot of experience in documentary filmmaking and they back up their skills with the support of two other people who also have great positions in this production as well. In the film, Donald Trump’s former high profile lawyer Michael Cohen is one of the main crew members. He was a longtime legal advisor for Trump’s real estate empire and also served as his personal attorney for more than 10 years. 

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What makes this documentary so special?


As mentioned before, the Lincoln Project is a political movie that will take you inside of the war rooms of four top Republican strategists who have decided to make a difference by forming a Super PAC with the sole purpose of getting Donald Trump out of the White House. It’s going to show these people during the search for ideas and new ways to approach their goal.

What is expected in this series to happen?



The most interesting thing about this documentary is that it shows the people as they are and how they act, not just by filming them but also by talking to them face-to-face. As you can imagine these individuals have a very different view than people who have been watching the campaign unfold, so expect these people to become even crazier than they currently are.

When is the series going to be released?


The series will premiere on 7th October 2022 and the number of episodes is not announced till now. It’s a political movie that focuses on the US elections and the preparation for them plus what some people have done to get their message out to even make it possible for someone like Donald Trump to become president.

Will people gain any new knowledge from watching this series?



There are those who think the Lincoln Project will change the way people view politics and voting but if you look at all of these episodes, it seems their goal is to show how politics should be done. It’s definitely something that can change the overall image of politics in a country but then again, it will still take a long time to see the impact of this.

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