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‘Prey For The Devil’ 2022 Movie: Cast, Release Date And Everything About This Movie Is Here

The stars are aligning for a big Hollywood breakthrough. Prey For The Devil is scheduled to be released in theatres in 2022. Prey For The Devil is an upcoming Hollywood supernatural thriller film directed by Josh Boone and written by Eric Heisserer who brought us the terrifying Arrival and A Quiet Place. This film is about a nun preparing for an exorcism who comes face to face with an evil force and will hopefully get some Oscar nominations if the heavy amount of money spent on its development pays off. It’s a dark, yet thrilling film that could be the next It.

Release Date: October 28, 2022

Country: United States

Language: English


Cast And Crew :


Directed by: Daniel Stamm

Screenplay by: Robert Zappia

Story by:

  • Robert Zappia
  • Earl Richey Jones
  • Todd R. Jones


Produced by:

  • Paul Brooks
  • Earl Richey Jones
  • Todd R. Jones
  • Jessica Malanaphy



  • Jacqueline Byers as Sister Ann
  • Debora Zhecheva as young Ann
  • Colin Salmon as Father Quinn
  • Virginia Madsen as Dr. Peters
  • Ben Cross as Cardinal Matthews
  • Christian Navarro as Father Dante
  • Lisa Palfrey as Sister Euphemia
  • Nicholas Ralph as Father Raymond
  • Velizar Binev as Father Bernhard

What is the movie about?


It’s a film about a young nun who is subpoenaed for an exorcism to help prove the existence of the devil. She wants to believe her faith still holds after all these years. In the movie, she is scheduled to perform the exorcism on a girl who is possessed by a powerful demon, who was her childhood best friend. This is not your average church-going, holy water spritzing exorcism. It looks like the demon’s power knows no bounds and it’s out to show this young nun that hell has no fury like love tried and true. Together with her partner and a former priest, they are trying to save this girl from the same evil that possessed her years ago.

What makes this movie interesting to watch?


The power of exorcism is real. It’s something many people believe in and it is not a movie to be taken lightly, this movie could happen. Whether or not you believe in the old Testament stories, we know that demons have been known to possess people and drain them of their life force. It’s an amazing story, but can a nun with no special abilities stop it? 

Who should watch this movie?

The demonic possession story can’t be taken lightly, it is one of the scariest stories out there. If you are a fan of horror movies, or just enjoy demon possession stories then this could be a fun movie to watch. This will be a scary one to watch with the family, especially if you are religious.


What fans are expecting from this horror movie?


The fans are expecting that the demons will be terrifying and the movie will not hold back on getting good reviews. Horror movies with a religious twist are something that moviegoers want to see. This could be a win-win for the movie and its fans. This movie can also terrify people as seen from the trailer. It seems so scary from the first frame.

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