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‘Queer Of Floks’ Season 2 Is Been Cancelled By Peacock

Queer of Floks is a gay-themed sitcom about a group of friends who find their lives transformed after a shooting at Babylon nightclub. The series follows these diverse friends as they struggle to find joy and love in the aftermath of tragedy. The show follows a diverse group of friends who find their lives transformed in the aftermath of a shooting at Babylon nightclub, the local gay bar. After tragedy strikes, the group must find each other and love in order to transform their lives.


Distributor: All3Media

Running Time: 42-56 minutes per episode


Country: United States

Language: English

IMDb Rating: 5.7/10

Genre: Drama

Based on: Queer as Folk(2000)


Cast And Crew :

Created by: Stephen Dunn


  • Fin Argus is shown as Mingus
  • CG is shown as Shar
  • Jesse James Keitel is shown as Ruthie O’Neil
  • Ryan O’Connell is shown as Julian Beaumont
  • Johnny Sibilly is shown as Noah Hernandez
  • Devin Way is shown as Brodie Beaumont
  • Kim Cattrall is shown as Brenda Beaumont
  • Eric Graise is shown as Marvin
  • Armand Fields is shown as Bussey
  • Chris Renfro is shown as Daddius Miller
  • Juliette Lewis is shown as Judy
  • Brandon Gilpin is shown as Jake
  • Benito Skinner is shown as Jack Cole Jordan
  • Sachin Bhatt is shown as Al

What is interesting about this series?

The series is set in the Big Easy, New Orleans, where it explores the challenges faced by a group of modern-day clubgoers. Queer of Floks offers a fresh perspective on the everyday lives of younger gay men; they are not all buff, gym-toned and skinny with six-pack abs. They are flawed and imperfect with their own share of struggles and setbacks.

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Who should watch this series if released?

Queer of Floks is for all audiences. From single gay men to those who are engaged or married, this show is for anyone who wants to laugh and be encouraged. Queer of Floks represents the diversity within the LGBTQ community and seeks to encourage acceptance. Queer of Floks reunites us as we seek a meaningful life in today’s increasingly diverse world by celebrating our differences and refusing to be defined by them. 

What do you think about the cancellation?

It is a big mistake that Peacock cancelled the show this early. This means the channel has already closed the door on whole LGBTQ stories such as those told in this particular show. People are not going to accept that the story is over. This is for sure the worst decision Peacock could make. Cancelling this show means giving up on a chance to tell LGBTQ stories in a diverse, modern way. 

Was Queer of Floks cancelled due to controversy?

The series was primarily created as a vehicle for telling the story of our diverse community through the lens of New Orleans, a highly-diverse city rich with culture. In recent years we have seen the tragic murder of gay men in Orlando and Dallas, among other cities. We hope this poignant exploration of how they live their lives will offer comfort and understanding.

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