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TV series adaptation of Rogue latest project of Don Cheadle

TV series adaptation of Rogue latest project of Don Cheadle

Maisie Wade’s life of crime fighting is ruined when she’s attacked by a group of villains dressed up in her day job costumes. Now it’ll take an even bigger hero to save her. The TV series adaptation of Rogue is the latest project of Don Cheadle, who has been responsible for creating some major franchises. The home invasion thriller follows a superhero actress who must fight for her life against an unhinged group of intruders cosplaying her day job’s archvillains. The gist of the story is similar to the classic horror The Purge, which centers on a night when crime is legal. In that film, there’s no specific motive for the mayhem other than the fact that it’s just one night and people are allowed to act out their fantasies through murder. Rogue sounds like it’ll have a similar concept but with characters wearing costumes from the comic book world, as well as a more specific reason for why this incident has occurred in particular.

Is it a good idea to make an adaption of this comic?

This is a terrible idea. But it’s one of the more interesting ones, probably because this is a character who’s about to be adapted for the big screen, not TV. If it does well, maybe we’ll see some other comics adapted into small-screen form, but I don’t expect this to be the first to happen. The comics industry is made up of a lot of cash-cows and this comic took a big step forward in terms of its actual sales the last couple of years with Don partnering up with Blumhouse, who are generally pretty good at picking the right material to make into movies, I’d imagine that Rogue will be one of them.

What fans are expecting about this adaption?

It’s not a terrible place to start, but I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. Most adaptations of good comics go wrong because people aren’t doing the work of making them. They’re just going over what’s come before, trying to make it long, and making the characters more realistic than they actually should be (Superman is supposed to be a tragic figure and probably shouldn’t be beloved by little kids).

What makes it interesting?

I’m usually pretty opposed to this kind of thing, but this one sounds like the kind of show that I would watch if I had the time. The mixture of action, horror, and superhero elements will get a lot of people watching it. And this series will also come with some superheroes that are unknown to the majority of the audience. I also think that this kind of adaptation will make the comic world come in front of a big audience.


Where might it go wrong?

I don’t know. This feels like something that could go either way because Don Cheadle hasn’t directed anything for TV before. That’s not necessarily bad but it could mean that he’d be less inclined to bring over the narrative style from his films and focus on a pure adaptation that is even less compelling.

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