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Prime Video Drops the trailer of Madhuri Dixit’s ’Maja Ma’

Prime Video Drops the trailer of Madhuri Dixit’s ’Maja Ma’

Ever heard of Maja Ma? She was India’s first queen – a celebrity who ruled the hearts and minds of people with her grace, beauty, and charm. Prime Video today unveiled the trailer of its highly anticipated, first Indian Amazon Original movie  ‘Maja Ma’. The movie presents the original queen of Bollywood, Madhuri Dixit, in a complex and fearless avatar. Maja Ma takes us to a golden era in Hindi Cinema and all its varied aspects. Along with Madhuri Dixit, the family entertainer boasts of a stellar cast of veterans as well as fresh faces of the industry including Gajraj Rao, Ritwik Bhowmik, Barkha Singh, Srishti Shrivastava, Rajit Kapur, Simone Singh, who bring this warm, lovable, family story to life. directed by Anand Tiwari.

Cast and Character:

Madhuri Dixit

Barkha Singh

Sheeba Chaddha


Malhar Thakar

Simone Singh

Ritwik Bhowmik

Rajit Kapoor


Srishti Shrivastava

Gajraj Rao

Ninad Kamat

Simran Nerurkar


What Is The Expected Plot?


In the process of losing herself to her work in the city, Pallavi (Madhuri Dixit) is forced back to her rural heartland, while finding solace in her family. Her son is set to get married and when she learns that he has not found a girl back home that he wishes to marry, she gets angry. When a disaster strikes at their home and she goes into depression, further incurring the wrath of their house help Eshwar Singh (Rajit Kapoor), events spiral out of control as Pallavi’s past is resurrected and remixed with the present. The teaser of the film is already much loved for its power and simplicity. It captures Pallavi’s journey from being a pillar of strength to become vulnerable and even fragile.

My Reviews On This Movie:


“Maja Ma” is a beautiful family entertainer that would make you laugh, cry and move at various points. It’s a family drama with lots of heart, humor, and wisdom. The cast is top notch with Madhuri Dixit as the queen, Gajraj Rao as the king, and Simone Singh, who has been dubbed queen of comedy by many. I enjoyed the simplicity of this movie as compared to other films where you have to sit through long dialogues. You can just enjoy the performances and let your mind take you to other places. 


 Also, Madhuri Dixit said that “what I am most excited about is the character. It is a complex role. that I have never played before. Pallavi Patel carries enormous responsibility as a mother, as a wife, and as a contributing member of society with such ease and grace, that it becomes easy to overlook her strength, conviction, and resilience. She goes through a multitude of emotions throughout this film from being almost spontaneous to being highly systematic in her thoughts to not wanting any reaction at all from anyone else. I am proud to have been associated with this project and I am thrilled that our team has created such a beautiful piece.”

Why is this movie special?



Maja Ma is the first Indian Amazon Original. Prime Video, the streaming service for Prime members, took an unconventional approach to market its first Indian film. It posted a cameo poster of Madhuri Dixit on its website (with the tagline ‘What happens in real life; must stay in real life) and invited members to share their stories of struggle and triumph with her through a series of social media posts on the #MyMajaMa hashtag.

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