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After 6 years ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Coming back for Season Five’

After 6 years ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Coming back for Season Five’

Inside Amy Schumer Season 5 is finally coming on Paramount Amy Schumer has announced the return of her fan-favorite sketch comedy series, Inside Amy Schumer. The six-year hiatus is over as the comedian celebrated with an Instagram post and note to fans. Announcing the return, she wrote in a note, “I wanted to bring back Inside Amy Schumer to burn any remaining bridges. It’s better than ever.” The first two episodes of the fifth season will premiere together in October and the next three will be released weekly. The post announcing the return of Inside Amy Schumer appeared on her Instagram account Sunday evening with a short message for fans: “Season 5 is here. The comedian posted a photo with three screenshots from episodes 1, 2, and 3 of the new season on Monday writing, “Inside Amy Schumer Season 5 is finally coming on Paramount, the actor-comedian revealed on Instagram. The fan-favorite sketch comedy is making a return after a six-year hiatus.

About the Show:

Inside Amy Schumer is an American sketch comedy television series created by comedian Amy Schumer and Daniel Powell. Produced by Comedy Central, Inside Amy Schumer premiered on February 18, 2013, as a special, one-episode preview. It then returned as a series on April 30, 2013, for the first season of ten episodes airing weekly. The second season began airing in the United States on Thursday, April 1, 2014, and consisted of ten episodes. It continued to air with the same schedule for the third and fourth seasons. Schumer announced that the new season would be expanded from ten episodes to sixteen episodes and aired from October 20, 2022. “I’m excited to announce that I am returning to TV,” Schumer said in a press release announcing the fourth season increase in episode count. “For years I’ve wanted to give fans 18 new episodes of Inside Amy Schumer per year.


Character Description:

Each episode of “Inside Amy Schumer” is divided into several segments, most of which are hilarious and highly original. The vast majority of episodes finish with an interview with an unusual person, often regarding sexuality or gender roles. Amy Schumer is the only person featured in every segment except for the one where she plays herself.

Why should you watch this show?

If you love comedy, you’ll love Inside Amy Schumer. If you’re female, you’ll fall in love with Amy Schumer even more. She’s helping make the world a better place and is killing it at the same time. She’s super cool and doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her – she just does her thing. She has the best facial expressions and she’s just ugh so great, she’s so much fun. This show is just a ton of fun. I watched 2 seasons. If you like sketch comedy and comedy shows in general, this is the one for you

Where can you watch it?


Inside Amy Schumer ” will air on Paramount exclusively. When you sign up for a free seven-day trial of the platform, the first two episodes are available to watch immediately, and then a new episode will be released every Sunday at 10 PM ET.


Releasing Date?

It premiered on October 20, 2022, and it is hosted by comedian Amy Schumer.

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