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The Predator Comes With The Sequel ‘Prey’

An American science-fiction action horror film set in 2022, Prey is directed by Dan Trachtenberg and written by Patrick Aison. The film stars Amber Midthunder, Dakota Beavers, Dane Diliegro as well as Michelle Thrush, and Stormee Kipp. In a thrilling prequel set in the Northern Great Plains in North America, protagonist Naru is a skilled Comanche warrior and member of a small tribe. When she encounters the Predator, a terrifying alien hunter, her wit and sword-fighting skills are tested to the limit as she strives to protect her family from being hunted down. 

Cast And Crew:


  • Amber Midthunder as Naru
  • Dakota Beavers as Tanabe, 
  • Dane DiLiegro as the Predator,
  • Michelle Thrush as Aruka,
  • Julian Black Antelope as Chief Kehetu
  • Coco as Sarai, 
  • Stormee Kipp as Wasape, 
  • Mike Paterson as Big Beard
  • Bennett Taylor as Raphael Antolini,
  • Nelson Leis as Waxed Mustache
  • Troy Mundle as Spyglass


In the winter of 1719, Naru and her people are hunting deer in the Great Plains. A young Comanche woman trained as a healer, she often dreams of becoming a great hunter like her brother Tanabe. While tracking with Sarai, their dog, she witnesses the lights of an alien Predator’s spacecraft taking it as a sign to prove herself by finding this prey—a cougar that has taken one of their tribe’s hunters. Tanabe tells her that if she wants to come to his search party for this lion, which she’s already seen and knows is in a cave nearby, then all she can do is track and provide medical treatment when needed. On their return to the village, they find that one of their tribe’s hunters has been taken by a mountain lion. Tanabe says Naru can come to the search party with him and provide medical treatment, or she can stay home with Sarai. After informing her father, Tanabe goes out on the hunt for this lion alone. Early in the morning, in a cave not far from camp on a ledge overlooking a ravine, Tanabe shoots and kills this mountain lion—the first hunt he has managed to do so that doesn’t involve finding or being found by prey animals.

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Who is the Director?

Directed by Dan Trachtenberg, the film tells the story of a young woman and her fight to survive in a world overrun by supernatural psychic forces. Dan Trachtenberg, is an American filmmaker. He is best known for directing the horror-thriller film 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016), which earned him a Directors Guild of America Award nomination for Outstanding Directing – First-Time Feature Film.

What special effect is used in this movie?

Many of the special effects used in the film involve CGI, though also several practical special effects. This includes having to pull out an actor’s arm with wires, and a scene where Michelle is in an elevator shaft with a CGI monster. Other scenes involved digital double takes, using visual effects and editing to make it appear as if she was interacting with someone who wasn’t there. Early on in production, Trachtenberg decided that he wanted to shoot action sequences from different vantage points than one typically sees in most contemporary films.


Prey: Released date

The movie was released on July 21, 2022 (San Diego Comic-Con) and on August 5, 2022 (United States).

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