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“Something You Said Last Night” Is The Authentic Transgender Film

“Something You Said Last Night” Is The Authentic Transgender Film

“Something You Said Last Night” is an empowering film about what it means to be transgender. The film follows Ren, a mid-twenty-something, who has just been fired from her job and accompanies her family on vacation. When she meets Gian, who is also in transition, she begins to ponder if she should stick with the gender that’s been assigned to her at birth or if it might be time for a change. If there’s one thing that’s consistent in the life of a transgender person, it’s the feeling of being held back, whether by circumstance or another human being. This feeling is no less present in “Something You Said Last Night” than it is in the lives of real-life trans people all over the country.

What impact will this movie have on society?

But I think the most important point of “Something You Said Last Night” is to raise awareness of what it means to be transgender. We hope more people learn about transgender issues on a superficial level, and more people can be more accepting of their transgender friends and family members. 

What kind of impact has the movie had on those involved in it?

I think the film was gratifying for me because it gave me the freedom to explore some of my insecurities and growing pains as I transitioned. It was nice just to put them on screen, not just for myself but also for others who could relate to being stuck between one gender and another.

Who is on the cast list of this film?

The cast is as follows:

  • Carmen Madonia is shown as Ren
  • Ramona Milano is shown as Mona
  • Paige Evans is shown as Sienna
  • Joe Parro is shown as Guido
  • Xxavier Won-A-Tai is shown as Lani
  • Augustus Oracle is shown as Guy

What will make this movie interesting?


I think the most interesting aspect of “Something You Said Last Night” is the way it deals with the delicate question of gender identity. It’s an issue that needs to be addressed, and I think “Something You Said Last Night” is a very effective way to do so. This will help in maintaining awareness in our society which will help this category to be open to people.


Why should we pay attention to it?


Something You Said Last Night is an empowering film about what it means to be transgender, and I think we all need to pay attention to this issue because more than anything else, it’s an issue that needs our compassion and understanding. This film also discusses the complex struggles a trans person faces when trying to explain their identity to others. And while the film doesn’t provide a definite answer as to whether Ren should transition, it does make the viewer think about what it means for a person when their gender identity doesn’t align with the one assigned to them at birth.

Using transgender film as knowledge? 

The mainstream media has often ignored transgender individuals. The only time they are typically portrayed in mainstream media is when they are murdered, or tortured by fellow inmates in prison. In other words, transgender individuals have been relegated to the shadows of society and their images have been distorted beyond recognition.

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