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Star Wars: Andor Is All Set To Release On Disney+

Star Wars: Andor Is All Set To Release On Disney+

Cassian Andor is set on his main goal to become a Rebel Hero In this prequel series of “Star Wars: Rogue One”. There were two different stories taking place around the same time in ‘Rogue One. Cassian’s story is going to be the focus of this new series. Cassian was a key player in the first Death Star plans and later became a sort of Rebel spies. He was quite good at his job, too. His journey went from soldier to soldier and he ended up being one of the Rebel Alliance’s best field agents. My wish is to have Cassian still alive and part of the Rebels, as well as having his own story more in line with ‘Rogue One (the series).

Release Date: September 21, 2022

Country: United States

Language: English


Cast And Crew :

Created by: Tony Gilroy

Based on: Star Wars by George Lucas

Actors :

  • Diego Luna as Cassian Andor
  • Genevieve O’Reilly as Mon Mothma
  • Stellan Skarsgård as Luthen Rael
  • Adria Arjona as Bix Caleen
  • Denise Gough as Dedra Meero
  • Kyle Soller as Syril
  • Saw Gerrera as Forest Whitaker 

What makes this series interesting?


We know Disney is going to capitalize on nostalgia in some way and while they are doing this, it will be worth seeing what other shoes they are setting up to drop. With Cassian Andor being a central character, how much will we see him interacting with characters from Rogue One? Are we going to see a young Saw Ferrara or an early version of Bail Organa? We know that these first shows are going to be based in a time before our beloved characters meet Luke Skywalker, and such stories can be as interesting as anything that comes after.

What Star Wars fans are expecting from this new series?

Well, with this whole Rogue One thing taking off, we are expecting a lot of Star Wars stuff coming to us. We also want to see where this new series is going to go. We only know that it will be set before Rogue One so we are still in the dark on what is happening in the galaxy far far away. Maybe the rogue one universe will play a role or maybe it won’t. Either way, we are excited for the new story and characters about this interesting time before our beloved gang came together for The rebellion against the empire. 


Who should watch this series?


Any Star Wars fans that are interested in seeing more about the history of Star Wars? Rogue One fans will love it as well. We are always big fans of prequel-era stuff. We hope that this is the beginning of something new. A new saga that will take us back to a time when we saw the future of Star Wars shape up into our favorite characters and stories. We have seen the prequels, the Clone Wars and now Rogue One, maybe we need to go back to before all that happened? It would be great to finally see what happened during these moments when Luke went away.

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