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Mr. Harrigan’s Phone Is The Upcoming Horror Film On Netflix

This summer, Netflix is set to release the long-awaited Horror film, Mr. Harrigan’s Phone. With a chilling plot that parallels the current state of U.S society, this film will have you glued to your seat from start to finish. The Work is a collaborative effort by writers, producers, and artists to create a unique and entertaining story. The concept is simple. Mr. Harrigan’s Phone script will be released in installments throughout the spring, with segments of the film being shot and pieced together as it progresses. 

Release Date: October 5, 2022

Country: United States

Language: English


Cast And Crew :


Directed and Written by: John Lee Hancock

Based on: “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone” by Stephen King

Actors :


  • Kirby Howell-Baptiste is shown as Ms. Hart
  • Donald Sutherland is shown as Mr. Harrigan
  • Jaeden Martell is shown as Craig
  • Joe Tippett is shown as Craig’s Dad
  • Alex Bartner is shown as Clerk
  • Thomas Francis Murphy is shown as Pete
  • Cyrus Arnold is shown as Kenny Yankovich
  • Gregory Jensen is shown as Wallstreet
  • Seth Fuentes is shown as Older Boy
  • Iván Amaro Bullón is shown as Sheriff Deputy
  • Caitlin Shorey is shown as young Margie
  • Colin O’Brien is shown as Young Craig

About this movie:


The plot follows a group of characters who are struggling to make sense of an eccentric young boy’s unusual behavior. The boy named Craig befriends an elderly man known as Mr. Harrigan and gives him a cellphone so that they can stay in touch with each other when their busy schedules don’t allow for much interaction.  When Mr. Harrigan dies he keeps his smartphone in Mr. Harrigan’s pocket and when he starts missing him, leaves a calling note on the old man’s number and surprisingly gets a callback. This is a horror start of the film and the story from here revolves around the communication between these two friends. The old man horrifyingly completes his work with the help of Craig.

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Why should you watch this film?


The impending death of an elderly man alongside a series of other outlandish events taking place in the lives of a group of people who are just trying to get by in the day-to-day will leave you with your mouth agape and your mind reeling. The film is purely entertaining and will leave you wanting more. As a bonus, the film is set to release on Netflix this summer, giving you plenty of time to finish it over the long summer break.

What makes this film more interesting?



A professional director in John Hancock is no stranger to the world of horror. His previous work in other genres is also remarkable. This film is a perfect example of how a film can be entertaining, engaging, and enthralling, while also inspiring thought through its concept. It’s not all about fantasy gore or questionable scares. It’s about creating characters that are fully formed and engaging with you as an audience member to immerse yourself within their unique situations.

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