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Outlander – Everything You Want To Know About This Drama Series Is Here

I’m here today to talk about Outlander the TV series. The show is based on a popular book series with the same name that was first published in 1991, and it has attracted a huge following of people ever since. Like many fans, I’ve been waiting feverishly for season 2 of the show, which premiered at the end of March this year. Outlander stars Claire Fraser, a married WWII nurse, who is mysteriously transported back to the Highlands in 1743. Her arrival sets off a chain of events that opens up a world of political and sexual intrigue; she’s thrown in amongst battles and feuds that she doesn’t understand but is determined to fight her way through it all if it keeps her husband alive. It’s important to note here that Outlander is adapted from the book series and not strictly based on a single book; as a result, it still falls under the category of an ongoing series. 

Release Date: August 9, 2014

Running Time: 53 – 90 minutes per episode

Country: United States


Language: English

Series Rating (IMDb) : 8.4/10

Cast And Crew :


Producers: David Brown and Guy Tannahill

Distributor: Sony Pictures Television


Actors :


  • Caitríona Balfe is shown as Claire Randall
  • Sam Heughan is shown as Jamie Frase
  • Sophie Skelton is shown as Brianna Randall Fraser 
  • Richard Rankin is shown as Roger Wakefield 
  • Duncan Lacroix is shown as Murtagh Fraser
  • John Bell is shown as Young Ian 
  • César Domboy is shown as Fergus 
  • Lauren Lyle is shown as Marsali 
  • Tobias Menzies is shown as Jack Randall 
  • Caitlin O’Ryan is shown as Lizzie Wemyss 
  • Graham McTavish is shown as Dougal MacKenzie 
  • Grant O’Rourke is shown as Rupert MacKenzie
  • Stephen Walters is shown as Angus Mhor
  • Paul Gorman is shown as Keziah Beardsley 
  • Paul Donnelly is shown as Ronnie Sinclair
  • David Berry is shown as Lord John Grey
  • Ed Speleers is shown as Stephen Bonnet
  • Romann Berrux is shown as Fergu
  • Maria Doyle Kennedy is shown as Jocasta Cameron
  • Andrew Gower is shown as Prince Charles Edward Stuart
  • Sarah Collier is shown as Murdina Bug 
  • Kyle Rees is shown as John Quincy Myers
  • Hugh Ross is shown as Arch Bug
  • Colin McFarlane is shown as Ulysses
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Why should you watch this series?


Outlander is a quality show, and I’m confident that even if you’re not the biggest fan of historical dramas, you would find something to appreciate here. The first season of the show was engaging as it walked the line between making viewers interested in the history and culture of its period while at the same time keeping them captivated with its plot twists. Although it might be a bit slow-paced for some viewers, if they can stick with it through season 1 they’ll be rewarded greatly by subsequent seasons. Season 2 has already provided quite an amazing story.

My ratings and reviews on this series :


I give this series a 9.5/10 for its storyline, cast, characters, and plot. I give this series an 8/10 for its dramatization of historical events (it’s fairly accurate). The show has left me in great suspense after every episode so I rate it a 10/10 for this. I rate the cast of the show as a whole highly, especially Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe. They have great onscreen chemistry which makes their relationship come alive in the show itself. They do justice to their roles and do a fantastic job at portraying Claire and Jamie which helps viewers to believe what they’re seeing on screen. What I have to say about this show is that it acts as a perfect introduction to the Outlander series. While it is not necessarily one of my favorite series, I would recommend it to anyone who has only heard of the Outlander series and has not read any of the books themselves so that they can enjoy it.

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