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How to promote your YouTube channel

YouTube gives you great possibilities for self-expression. You can create any kind of video content: talk about yourself and your life, cover interesting topics, make reviews of games or movies, etc. So you can not only do your favorite things but also find like-minded people and earn money by monetizing and advertising. But first, you need to gain popularity.

Visual design

There’s no doubt that you can create high-quality content, but you also need to convince potential viewers. To do that, you should take care of visual design (especially the previews) to let a person scrolling YouTube watch your videos. The youtube thumbnail maker on VistaCreate can help you. You also need to create an attractive banner, because viewers pay attention to that as well.

Define the idea and goals for your YouTube channel

Answer the main question: «Why do I and my business need a YouTube channel?». You can start creating content and promoting your channel only with clear goals and ideas. These can be the following four goals:

  1. Self-brand promotion. If you’re an expert in a certain field and want to promote your services on the Web, a YouTube channel can be a good tool. It is useful for web developers, designers, marketers, and other professionals.
  2. Attracting traffic to the site. This goal is relevant for almost any business, regardless of the field of activity.
  3. Increasing and strengthening audience loyalty. YouTube can help you build a strong community around the brand and keep their attention.
  4. Generating new sales. It’s a good goal for online stores, marketplaces, and companies offering their services to a wide audience.
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With formed goals and ideas, you’ll better understand what content to create, what specific audience to work with, and in what ways to promote your channel.

Define your target audience

It’s also necessary to define your target audience, the category of people interested in your content, and your product. You must know the following things about your target audience:

  • demographics and geography – gender, age, city of residence, etc.;
  • interests – what exactly the potential followers of your channel are interested in, including also the related thematic;
  • problems and needs – what they are and how your channel (or your product) can meet them.

The better you analyze and define your target audience, the easier it will be to promote your YouTube channel and generate exciting and useful content.

Make a strategy

When strategizing, you should answer the four main questions for yourself:

  • What will my future channel be about?
  • Why will viewers watch it?
  • Who is my channel created for?
  • What do I consider achieving my goal?

Answers to these questions and a well-thought-out strategy help you choose the right vector of channel development, not waste money and energy, and concentrate on the steps of promoting your channel on YouTube.

Develop a content plan

A content plan isn’t just a list of video topics with potential publication dates. It’s also a list of search themes to promote, topics to cover, a description of the target audience the content is aimed at, and more. To develop an effective content plan and cover relevant topics, follow some guidelines:

  • use Google Trends to find relevant topics and query popularity by region;
  • use YouTube’s tips popping up in the video search bar;
  • look for ideas and information on competitors’ channels (but don’t copy them).
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And don’t forget to analyze existing content on your channel. Use the ideas and formats «shooting out» more than others, improve, and develop them.

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