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Halloween Ends is set to be released in October 2020

Halloween Ends is set to be released in October 2020

Ever since John Carpenter’s classic slasher, ‘Halloween’, came out in 1978, there has not been a true sequel or continuation in the franchise until only recently. With Cinema-Fórum publishing the official press release on Wednesday, December 13th, we now know that ‘Halloween Ends’ is slated for an October 2020 release.

Blumhouse Productions:


“Blumhouse Productions has officially announced that production of ‘Halloween Ends’, a sequel to John Carpenter’s iconic 1978 film, will begin October 2019, with the cast and crew expected to be announced at a later date.” In the press release, Blumhouse also revealed that the creative direction of ‘Halloween Ends’ will be a direct result of John Carpenter’s influence. “The directorial reins for this sequel will rest in the hands of Troy Nixey (‘Lights Out’, ‘It Follows’).”



Although it has not been officially announced by Blumhouse or any other parties involved, it is assumed that Ellie Cornell (Jamie Lloyd) and Kyle Richards (Rachel Carruthers) from Rob Zombie’s ‘Halloween’ and Tyler Mane (Pumpkinhead) from Don Coscarelli’s ‘Phantasm’ will return as their respective characters for this sequel.



Final cast of “Halloween Ends”:


  • Jamie Lee Curtis is shown as Laurie Strode
  • Will Patton is shown as Officer Hawkins
  • Kyle Richards is shown as Lindsey Wallace
  • Andi Matichak is shown as Allyson
  • Nick Castle is shown as The Shape
  • Rohan Campbell is shown as Corey Cunningham
  • James Jude Courtney is shown as The Shape
  • Stephanie McIntyre is shown as Nurse
  • Michele Dawson is shown as Nurse Deb
  • Emily Brinks is shown as Dead Lover
  • Keraun Harris is shown as Willy the Kid
  • Dillon Belisle is a shown as Drunk Party Goer
  • Dawn Lasusky is shown as Neighbour
  • Joseph D. Webb is shown as Bar Nun
  • Derrick Lemmon is shown as Warren County Deputy 
  • Nick Lawrence is shown as Police Officer
  • Will Perez is shown as Warren County 
  • Russell Bryan Winstead is shown as Off Duty Deputy
  • Michael Arsenault is shown as Haddonfiel Townsperson

What fans are expecting from this movie ?


‘Halloween Ends’, although it is not guaranteed, will most likely be a direct sequel to Carpenter’s original film. With this being said, we can assume that the film will have a similar theme and storyline to ‘Halloween’. The press release stated “John Carpenter’s 1978 masterpiece ‘Halloween’ is one of the biggest horror films of all time. It was an instant classic, and audiences turned out in droves. Inspired by Carpenter’s incredibly successful original film.

Who should watch this film?


‘Halloween Ends’ is set to be released in October 2020. If you have not seen the original ‘Halloween’ yet, this will be an excellent film for those of you who have not. ‘Halloween’, although it is a slasher film, has many psychological aspects to it. We can assume that the sequel will be very similar and will end up being a great horror film.


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