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Peacock Cancelled Rutherford Falls After Season 2

American sitcom TV series Rutherford Falls premiered on April 22, 2021, on Peacock streaming service. This comedy series was loved by viewers for a long time as two seasons of this series have run successfully on Peacock, but suddenly Peacock announced that it will not be ordering its third season. The cancellation of this comedy show Rutherford falls came after two and half months after releasing its second season. The co-creator of this TV show Sierra Teller Ornelas says that it will find its way on any other platform. Even Though the series has a larger fanbase, fans were excited to binge-watch season 3. But this is sad news for all the fans that peacock will not be releasing this show’s season 3.

Release Date: April 22, 2021

Genre: Sitcom

Country: United States


Language: English

Series Rating (IMDb) : 6.6/10

Cast And Crew :

Creators: Ed Helms, Sierra Teller Ornelas, and Michael Schur

Executive producers:

  • Mike Falbo
  • Ed Helms
  • David Miner
  • Morgan Sackett
  • Michael Schur
  • Sierra Teller Ornelas

Actors :


  • Ed Helms as Nathan Rutherford
  • Michael Greyeyes as Terry Thomas
  • Jana Schmieding as Reagan Wells
  • Jesse Leigh as Bobbie Yang
  • Dustin Milligan as Josh Carter

About this series:


This series “Rutherford Falls” is a comedy series about two best friends named Nathan Rutherford played by Ed Helms and Reagan Walls by Jana Schmieding. They both are a great duo presented in this show when a bad crisis hits the town of Rutherford. The story takes a twist when the mayor of this town decides to move a statue of Nathan’s ancestor who in the series has built the town. Mayor wants to move this statue because cars keep on crashing over it. Nathan now begins a fight to keep the statue in its place. On the other hand, Reagan has to break loyalty with her best friend because it is known that Nathan’s ancestors used to attack her people.


What makes this series interesting?


One thing that makes Rutherford Falls stand out from its competition is the overall feel of the show. While you have your usual sitcom situations, Rutherford Falls deals with adult themes as well as capitalizes on the experience of its cast members (who are mostly in their 30s) when it comes to their roles. The seasoned cast helps to add a real feel of credibility to the show, especially when they’re dealing with a topic such as politics, an idea that is often misrepresented within the world of television and film.


Who should watch this series?

Fans of adult dramas and comedy will surely enjoy “Rutherford Falls”. The series has a great storyline that is made even better by the cast. People who want to watch a good show that doesn’t involve too much violence or gore should give this one a try. You’ll probably enjoy it.

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