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‘Black Mirror’ Season 6 – Plot, Release Date, And Even More

‘Black Mirror’ Season 6 – Plot, Release Date, And Even More

Black Mirror is a British science fiction anthology series created by Charlie Booker and made available via Netflix. It’s an award-winning show with cultish fans, and there are currently five seasons out on Netflix. The show looks at the dark side of technology and the consequences it brings to our society, like social media addiction or the future of dating. Fans love Black Mirror for its “what-if?” outlook on how modern technology influences our lives in every way possible. The first season of Black Mirror was released in December 2011 and has been continually adding seasons to their list. The last season came out in December 2016, leaving Netflix viewers wanting more. The show has won a BAFTA for “Best TV Movie” and also won an International Emmy for “Best Drama” in 2017.

About the Show:


Black Mirror is an anthology series that explores dark themes and dystopian futures. It’s similar to other shows that have used this format, like Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits. Some of the stories are more futuristic than others and some stories focus on how technology can bring out the worst in people. There are a lot of political undertones in this series and the episodes deal with social issues that plague our society today; including mental health, addiction, racial injustice, etc. In essence, it’s like a darker version of The Twilight Zone; with its unique twist on storytelling. Each episode stands on its own but the episodes are tied together by dialogue and dark themes. The episodes are extremely well crafted and it’s easy to see how Black Mirror would inspire television writers in many ways.

When is season 6 going to be released?



The last season of Black Mirror was released in June 2019, and we also already knew that the producers and directors are working on season 6. The release date of season 6 has not been officially announced, but it’s safe to assume it’s going to be out sometime in 2020.

How does this show perform?


Black Mirror has a very small cult following. While the show’s first season was released on Channel 4 in Britain, the show is only available to stream on Netflix here in America. The show is made by Endemol Shine, which is a production company for reality TV shows like Big Brother and Deal or No Deal. The limited release of the show has led to a small fanbase over the years and has resulted in low ratings. The series currently has 5 seasons and each season averages between 3-4 episodes long. Because each episode stands on its own, it’s hard to tell how well this series does when it comes to boxing office or viewership numbers.

What can we expect from the upcoming season?



As far as we know, Black Mirror season 6 is going to include three to six episodes. The series focuses on a variety of dark themes and dystopian futures, so it’s safe to assume season 6 will focus on similar subjects. Although the show has a small fan base compared to other Netflix Originals, it has won awards for being “the next big thing” in television. Netflix is pushing the sci-fi genre with this series and other projects they are working on. The company has been focusing more on sci-fi projects because of its ability to tell stories that can make you think or push boundaries.

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