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Strange Origins of Netflix’s New Thriller “The Midnight Club”

Strange Origins of Netflix’s New Thriller “The Midnight Club”

A new Netflix original thriller is set to release this week, and thanks to social media, fans are slowly getting a glimpse of the plot. The series, known as “The Midnight Club,” has been praised by critics and viewers alike for its rich storyline that centers around five people in a cast of fascinating characters. Before you dig in to watch it this weekend, read on for more information about the show.

What Is The Midnight Club?

According to Variety, the new Netflix thriller, known as “The Midnight Club,” is a show that has been compared to “Stranger Things.” The series follows a group of five friends who are sucked into an alternate dimension known as the “Midnight Club.” Once in this other world, they find out that it is inhabited by werewolves. The show stars David Tennant (“Doctor Who”), Sebastian Koch (“The Lives of Others”), Marilù Tolo (“I pignoli del Cuore”), Kelly Lynch (“Twin Peaks”), and Julian McMahon (“Charmed”).

Introduction to The The Midnight Club

The Midnight Club series is a YA about 4 high school girls. Also, they banded together after discovering they’re an all-female group of paranormal hunters. The book is filled with all sorts of “witches, vampires, werewolves, and ghosts”. The thing that makes the series unique would be the plotline; each novel has a different setting and plot line. This means that you don’t need to read through the whole series to get your money’s worth!

Characters of The The Midnight Club

Sauriyan Sapkota as Amesh
Adia as Cheri Ian
Igby Rigney as Kevin
Ruth Codd as Anya
Aya Furukawa as Natsuki
Annarah Cymone as Sandra
William Chris Sumpter as Spencer
Iman Benson as Ilonka


Story of The The Midnight Club

The Midnight Club series is a novel of contemporary fiction. It tells the story of two 16-year-old boys who enter the world of urban street racing and end up becoming central figures in a criminal organization. The series was written by author Gemma Ryan and published by Macmillan Children’s Books. Ryan has said that the story is based on her own experiences with “real” street racing, which is illegal. It is entirely fictional. I have used the experiences of my younger brother and cousins who were involved in street racing when they were young teenagers. It was a big part of their lives and I have tried to tell their story interestingly without glamorizing them.

Photos from Mike Flanagan’s upcoming horror series The Midnight Club on Netflix

The Midnight Club. It sounds innocuous enough, like any other name for a club. But this is not your typical social gathering of drinking and dancing or even one where you might find friends to share a laugh with; rather it is the title of Netflix’s next horror series and one that promises to be every bit as gruesome and chilling as any other offering from the streaming service. “The Midnight Club,” tells the story of five Americans arriving in Japan on business who ends up at a bar called ‘Midnight Club’ only to encounter something dark and deadly involving an ancient Samurai Warrior Spirit….

Creator Mike Flanagan has been having a stellar year, with the release of his excellent Stephen King adaptation “Gerald’s Game” earlier this year on Netflix and his creative input for the second season of Hulu’s hit series “Shock & Awe”. So why help out with another series for the popular streaming service? It all comes down to timing. “Gerald’s Game was seven years in development and it was sort of there or nowhere because when you attach to a piece like that, if it doesn’t work out, you are waiting seven years to do something else and I was dying to write another script.

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