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George Of The Jungle – Brendan Fraser Did It Well

George of the Jungle is a 1997 American live-action comedy film produced by Walt Disney Pictures. It is loosely based on the animated television series of the same name from 1967, with additional input from Jymn Magon and Mark Evanier who were both involved in the original television show. The film stars Brendan Fraser, Christopher Walken, Leslie Mann and Thomas Haden Church.

Release Date: July 16, 1997

Running Time: 92 minutes

Country: United States 


Language: English

Movie Rating (IMDb) : 5.5/10

Cast And Crew :

Directed by: Sam Weisman

Written by: Dana Olsen



  • Brendan Fraser is shown as George
  • Leslie Mann is shown as Ursula Stanhope
  • John Bennett Perry is shown as Arthur Stanhope
  • Holland Taylor is shown as Beatrice Stanhope
  • Thomas Haden Church is shown as Lyle van de Groot
  • Richard Roundtree is shown as Kwame
  • Greg Cruttwell and Abraham Benrubi are shown as Max and Thor
  • Kelly Miracco is shown as Betsy
  • Abdoulaye N’Gom is shown as Kip
  • Michael Chinyamurindi is shown as N’Dugo
  • Lydell M. Cheshier is shown as Baleto
  • Willie Lewis Brown Jr. 
  • Lauren Bowles 
  • Afton Smith 
  • Noah John Cardoza
  • Benjamin John Cardoza

Movie plot:

George is raised in the jungle by gorillas and is taught how to survive in a hostile environment. Eventually, he becomes their leader and can communicate with them. After he is accidentally hit by a bullet, George is taken to civilization for the first time and reunites with humans. George does not know what a telephone is or that cars exist, but he quickly finds out many dangerous things can be done when you are reckless with your life since people can hurt you without even meaning to.

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Brendan Fraser as George?

Brendan Fraser was cast as George of the Jungle. Fraser stated that he had been waiting for a part like this to come along where he could be funny and dramatic at the same time. He wanted to do it because it was so different from what he had done before. He also said that there were elements of himself in the character. Fraser said, “I see myself in George. I’ve found something I can relate to him on a lot of levels. “It took only 20 days to shoot his scenes. The film also stars Ernie Sabella and John Cleese, who reprises his role from the original animated series as the Ape.

Why should you watch this movie?

This movie is worth watching. Even if you are not a fan of Brendan Fraser or the classic cartoon series created in 1967, this movie is very interesting and will keep you entertained. Brendan Fraser is trying to make his comeback to the big screen. This movie was released in 1997 and it was rated PG-13 in cinemas across the United States. It has a run time of 92 minutes and it was filmed in color.

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