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This is How Disney’s Aladdin Destroyed Animated Films

This is How Disney’s Aladdin Destroyed Animated Films

Aladdin is Disney’s animated classic, and it brought in a whole generation of fans by combining unforgettable characters and a remarkable storyline. Unfortunately, the movie also ruined animated movies for quite some time to come. In the first place, Aladdin played too loose with storytelling conventions that audiences had grown accustomed to over years. Minor details were changed and major character motivations were revealed out of nowhere to fit more closely with a particular moral lesson or theme. This made it difficult for children who grew up on Disney movies to watch other titles that relied on these same storytelling tropes and know when they were being manipulated – something which wasn’t taught until much later down the line by their favorite Mouse House title.

Introduction to The Aladdin


The Disney animated musical fantasy film was released on November 25th, 1992. The film was produced by Walt Disney Pictures and it is the 31st movie in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series. The story of the main character, Aladdin, and his dealings with his father and stepmother, who have forbidden the real prince from participating in street-side performances. General Overview: “The film begins with a boy named Aladdin living on a tiny street with his father. One day, a woman breaks into the house and steals something that belongs to Aladdin’s father. A few moments later, Aladdin’s stepmother enters and catches him with the woman.” The two get into an argument and it escalates until they accidentally kill each other.

Characters of The Aladdin

Will Smith
Mena Massoud
Naomi Scott
Marwan Kenzari
Navid Negahban
Nasim Pedrad
Billy Magnussen
Jordan A. Nash
Taliyah Blair
Aubrey Lin
Amir Boutrous
Numan Acar
Omari Bernard
Nathaniel Ellul
Sebastien Torkia
Buckso Dhillon-Woolley
Ceara Batson
Vinani Mwazanzale


Story of The Aladdin

In “Aladdin”, a street rat named Aladdin foils the plans of Grand Vizier Jafar to marry Princess Jasmine, steal her throne and acquire the power of an ancient Genie who can fulfill any wish. Aladdin’s victory is short-lived, though; the evil Jafar gets his revenge by tricking him into wishing that he was a prince so that he could get near enough to be able to kill him. And that’s how Aladdin becomes a real “Prince” for his life to be spared.

On his way to his “wedding” with Jasmine, Aladdin passes by a stall and takes an apple, which is the source of all the trouble. The owner of the apples catches him and forces him to pay for them. Then he orders his monkey to go after Aladdin so he could pay him again. Aladdin escapes from them (using one of the apples) and then meets up with his friends, Genie and Abu, who are selling off precious gems they stole earlier in the film. He gives some of these gems to Abu to entertain himself with further juggling because he feels bored after doing such repetitive things as conquering Jafar’s evil forces and finally marrying Jasmine.

Kevin Feige of DC Comics Discovered? Superhero film and television production is in talks with Dan Lin as the producer

There’s been a flurry of rumors that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is leaving the company. Now, it seems as though longtime producer Dan Lin, who has overseen everything from The Lego Movie to Star Trek: Beyond and the upcoming Lego Batman Movie, could be taking control of filmmaking for Marvel’s superhero arm in a position that will answer directly to Disney.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed on Tuesday that Lin was in talks with Marvel about the new job. THR also reported that Feige would still have “a place at Disney if he so chooses.” Insiders told THR that if Feige leaves then he’d find it hard to replicate his success elsewhere so might as well stay put.


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