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The Chinese theatrical release of “The Mauritanian”

The Chinese theatrical release of “The Mauritanian”

After a long period of negotiations, ‘The Mauritanian’, which is a film about the historical facts of French colonialism in West Africa, will be released in China. The Mauritanian’ will be shown at Berlin Film Festival and it will also be broadcasted on Beijing Satellite TV and many other channels. Apart from this, some critics have predicted that this movie due to its sensitive topic might not open in China for a long time after its debut. However, it is reported that ‘The Mauritanian’ has already started its promotion activities in China. According to reports, the reason why ‘The Mauritanian’ had to wait for so long time to enter China was due to its sensitive nature. To avoid confrontation with the authorities regarding this problem, ‘The Mauritanian’ was waiting for an official invitation before entering into China market.

Introduction to The Mauritanian

The Mauritanian movie has many different shows and movies. One of the more famous ones is called Black Girl White girl. In this movie, a father wants to send his daughter to France for education but spends all his money on providing culture for their village. At the end of the movie, she goes back and helps her dad provide for their people through a cultural event which he eventually tries to capitalize on. It also makes a point that it’s hard to find a job when you are black, due to cultural perception.


The movie is banned in Mauritania, and even though the director is an American, they are not allowed to make copies of it or show it because the Mauritanian government considers it an insult to their race. It is because of that that the Belgian government was able to get a few people who were arrested and released so that they could travel home for Easter.

Characters of The Mauritanian

Zachary Levi
Jodie Foster
Shailene Woodley
Tahar Rahim
Alaa Safi
Adam Rothenberg
Andre Jacobs
Clayton Boyd
Melissa Haiden
Langley Kirkwood
Daniel Janks

Story of The Mauritanian

I am going to write a blog post about the movie called “The Mauritanian” which was released on 12 February 2021. This movie is about how a young man named, Saiko, comes to Africa in search of his identity and finds one. He goes through many trials and tribulations during this journey including saving part of a herd for the first time and giving up on finding his true self until he meets an older woman who helps him find and define himself again when she tells him that he sounds like her deceased husband. I think this is a very interesting film because it shows what happens when you are trying to find your identity while being different from others around you.

The Air Advisor Program aids with the development of the Mauritanian Air Force



Air Advisors help build capacity in the Mauritanian Air Force – Air Advisors are an unconventional group of financiers, military officers, and academics who provide air force assistance voluntarily. Working with their partner organizations, the advisers aim to improve tactics, operations, engineering, and logistics. Building Capacity In Mauritania’s Air Force: The United States is helping to build capacity in Mauritania’s air force by working with a volunteer group of individuals called the “Air Advisors”. Initially implemented by philanthropist and former hedge fund manager George Friedman early with significant contributions from Stanford University- this project helps improve the tactics and operations of the Mauritanian air force.

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