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Learn More About the Legendary Thai Football Team in Netflix’s Teaser for the Upcoming Documentary “Cave Rescue.”

Learn More About the Legendary Thai Football Team in Netflix’s Teaser for the Upcoming Documentary “Cave Rescue.”

Netflix has released a trailer for their forthcoming documentary about the Thai Cave Rescue, which tells the backstory of how 12 young football players from Thailand became trapped in a cave. Two days after the boys went missing, footage of them was discovered by British divers exploring the Tham Luang Nang Noncave system. The video showed that many of them had become too weak to move and were in urgent need of help. To rescue them quickly, it was decided to teach them how to dive and swim with full face masks so they could be guided out one by one.

Introduction to The Thai Cave Rescue

A new movie is coming out on 22 September 2022 called The Thai Cave Rescue, based on the true story of 12 boys and their soccer coach who were trapped in a cave in Thailand. The team was discovered alive after 10 days when two British divers found them. As they wait for authorities to come up. Also, with a plan to rescue them, everything becomes more complicated when the oxygen levels start to drop. To survive, they need water, food, and an escape route; but none seem possible because of the sheer difficulty of getting through 1.5 miles of winding tunnels and jagged rocks.

Characters of The Thai Cave Rescue

Thaneth Warakulnukroh
Papangkorn Lerkchaleampote
Pratya Patong
Songpon Kantawong
Chakkapat Srisat
Thanawut Chetuku
Teeraphat Somkaew
Thanaphong Kanthawong
Thanapat Phungpumkaew
Apisit Yukam
Watcharaphol Poungsawan
Rataphumi Nakisatit
Manatsanun Panlertwongsakul
Arisara Wongchalee
Ronnagaoen Sanitprapadsorn
Monthatip Suksopha
Watthanachai Treedecha
Tanapol Chuksrida

Story of The Thai Cave Rescue

Night After Night the monsoon howls over the mountains of northern Thailand, pounding boulders lose with furious fistfuls of water and blasting through cracks in the earth. The nights are long and torturous here, brooding like a sickly-sweet premonition. The rains last from late October until mid-May, when they finally run out as torrential downpours fill every basin and pool in the surrounding hills. Here is where a team of international elite divers has been living for more than two months, waiting for just one good day on which to enter the Tham Luang Cave complex in Northern Thailand and rescue 12 young soccer players trapped inside by flood waters that have filled it with mud just past their chests.


The New Netflix Documentary ‘Thai Cave Rescue’ Debuts with an Eye for the Local Scene

In the wake of the international emergency staged by global media, Netflix’s ‘Thai Cave Rescue’ verifies that isolation is integral to the story. The trailer starts with quick shots of thrilling footage interspersed with captions and voiceover text until an American narrator begins to explain what has happened and where we are. It opens in Chiang Rai, Thailand, where residents share their perspectives on a recent event from their perspectives. A variety of shots from local bazaars and temples show how locals find solace in each other as much as they do in traditional places of worship.

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