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Neon has acquired the U.S. distribution rights to ‘Oldboy’ by Park Chan-wook, and a 20th-anniversary release is in the works

Neon has acquired the U.S. distribution rights to ‘Oldboy’ by Park Chan-wook, and a 20th-anniversary release is in the works

In November, a new deal was announced that will see Neon Entertainment, in partnership with Roy Lee’s Vertigo Entertainment and Warner Bros. earn the exclusive U.S. rights to Oldboy, with plans to release Park Chan-wook’s cult classic for theatrical audiences in November of this year. The deal also includes the production of a short feature film based on the graphic novel from artist Joe Madureira and Hell Boy creator Mike Mignola entitled “Oldman.” In addition to being one of the most critically acclaimed films, Oldboy is now set for another theatrical 20th anniversary showing as part of its original 18-day release plan in South Korea last year.

Introduction to The Oldboy


The Oldboy is an interesting and intriguing movie based on a graphic novel by the same name. It’s a story about revenge, violence, and mental illness that keeps people riveted for its entire 2 hours and 33 minutes. However, if you’re not interested in mind-blowing plots or surreal images, you might want to give this one a pass because there are no additional subtitles and plenty of profanity in this film that may be hard to take. The only thing it’s lacking though is characters with depth, overall it’s an excellent movie worth watching once you’ve finished your other assignments for the evening.

Names of the characters in The Oldboy

Choi Min-Sik
Yoo Ji-Tae
Kang Hye-Jeong
Kim Byeong-Ok
Dae-Han Ji
Dal-Su Oh
Seung-shin Lee
Jin-Seo Yoon
Tae-Kyung Oh
Yoo Yeon-Seok
Young-hee Lee
Young-ae Kim
Mi Mi Lee
Jung Ae Kwak


Chae-soo Jang

Story of The Oldboy


The movie is about an alcoholic man who has been kidnapped for 15 years. He gets an early release from his captor and tries to find out why he was imprisoned in the first place. I’m gonna tell you a story about a guy who got into trouble and then got out again. There’s not much more to say but that it’s difficult for people like him. It starts with the old days when there were no fancy locks or fences around our houses or yards like there are now…

But let me start at the beginning because it all started when I saw her. She was playing piano in this dirty little cafe with all these losers. I had never seen her before she was a new face… Just a piano player, that’s all I knew. She played this French melody that was pretty. And I told her I could play it better… just for laughs you know. I tried to show her what she might have done differently, but she didn’t laugh. Instead, “Come on buddy, do something”. And so I did… but not on the piano! She passed me a note with her phone number and said “come back tomorrow and let me hear how you do it”. So the next day there were ten of ’em out there with their phony beards and pointy shoes…

Moviemaker Park Chan-“Oldboy” Wook’s Is Being Rereleased By Neon


Neon will be re-releasing the classic and iconic South Korean thriller Oldboy from director Park Chan-wook. Originating in 2003, the film’s original release was one of the most successful Korean films of all time. It is widely considered one of the greatest revenge movies ever made and a masterpiece of world cinema. The film combines various elements such as mystery, drama, and dark humor to create a unique movie experience that has often been copied but never duplicated. Neon’s release includes both an English-language version subtitled ‘Uncut’, and an original Korean language version with subtitles available in Spanish, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.


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