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Love In The Villa Everything About This Upcoming Movie Is Here

Love In The Villa Everything About This Upcoming Movie Is Here

This upcoming romantic comedy will be the perfect date night movie. This is without a shadow of a doubt, your golden opportunity to show your partner every aspect of you by taking them on a trip down memory lane. The movie promises heartwarming moments, laughter, and resolutions. all things you haven’t felt in ages from your current relationship. It’s time for you to turn it around with Love In The Villa. Everything about this upcoming romantic comedy is here.

Genre: Drama, Romance

Release Date: September 1, 2022

Cast And Crew:

Director: Mark Steven Johnson

Cinematography: José David Montero

Assistant Director: Anna Cohen Joo

Writing Credits: Mark Steven Johnson 


  • Stephanie Slack
  • Margret H. Huddleston 
  • Mark Steven Johnson


  • Kat Graham
  • Tom Hopper
  • Laura Hopper
  • Raymond Ablack
  • Hélène Cardona
  • Katie McGovern
  • Stefano Skalkotos
  • Andrea Bellacicco 
  • Daniela Di Muro 
  • Simona Distefano 
  • Peter Arpesella 
  • Katie McGovern 
  • Emilio Solfrizzi 
  • Atikur Rahman Mahi



“And that is why Romeo and Juliet is the most romantic and tragic love story of all time.” Says the girl (Kat Graham) at the beginning of the trailer, as the movie is not released still, the trailer itself describes this movie. Love In The Villa is based on the love story of a girl named Julie who is also a schoolteacher who travels to Verona after her breakup. There she meets her roommate Charlie(Tom Hooper). The story revolves around them both where at first they try to annoy each other and make another leave and then slowly start to make love and discover the city.

Why should you watch this Drama-Lovestory?



A very important message that is conveyed through this Drama-Lovestory is one of love and the choices we make to find it. Love In The Villa movie isn’t based on two adults who were in love and then got separated by external forces. It’s all about how one may not realize they are in love with someone until they have moved on to something else in life. Love In The Villa beautifully tells the story of two different people: A man who can’t ever commit because he feels that his heart is already taken by his first love, and a woman who feels she can no longer be the innocent girl she was back in high school.

What do I think about this movie?


It is said that nothing lasts forever. I believe that sometimes you find yourself in a place where things don’t last as expected, and also there is this one special person in your life. The kind of person who makes you forget all the bad things that have happened but suddenly they are gone. And now you are left with this void in your heart and mind.

Love In The Villa is a beautiful movie about how two different people find each other. When you feel lonely, so lonely that all you want is someone who will hold you and say, ‘Everything will be okay. And you know that the person in the movie that can do this for this character is the same person who broke your heart when you were younger. It’s a movie about how one may not realize they are in love with someone until they have moved on to something else in life.

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