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GOT Prequel House Of The Dragon Episode 2 Review

GOT Prequel House Of The Dragon Episode 2 Review

Episode 2 of Game of Thrones’ new prequel series House Of The Dragon, written by George R. R. Martin and directed by Miguel Sapochnik is here. After the immensely popular first episode, Episode 2 broke a number of records and was praised as one of the best episodes in series history, it’s safe to say this second episode complied with the hype and exceeded expectations. In this prequel of Game of Thrones and how it all began, there really is something to be said for the social, cultural, and historical context that builds up a show or a film. The first episode was just as confusing and as complex as what we’re all expecting from this series. But how great were they able to make you feel in this prequel?

What has happened till now?


It’s been delightful these past couple of days getting back into House of the Dragon Episode 2 (or “HOTH” for short) and trying out some new perspectives on the ultra villainous game of thrones! Now we’ve got some more story to ponder with, which means we have all sorts of new things to think about while watching Game of Thrones Season 7 (and beyond). One newly introduced House member will be killed, there is a new alliance between two houses and the battle for Iron Throne begins in earnest. I am quite excited about how things are moving on the show, especially seeing Daenerys Targaryen’s power growing more and more.


After an intense first episode (the one with all the death) we get a much calmer one here where not much really happens except for some minor character introductions and some revealing dialogue about what happened before the time jump. We didn’t really get to see too much of King’s Landing in the first episode, so that is where most of this episode takes place. 

17 New dragons are introduced to this series:


  1.     Caraxes
  2.     Syrax 
  3.     Sunfyre
  4.     Vhagar
  5.     Meleyes
  6.     Balerion
  7.     The Cannibal
  8.     Seasmoke
  9.     Sheepstealer
  10. Tessarion
  11. Vermithor
  12. Vermax
  13. Dreamfyre
  14. Silverwing
  15. Moondancer
  16. Arrax  
  17. Tyraxes 


There is much more to come in  House Of The Dragon, the Games Of Throne prequel released late last year. Fans should expect to see even more exciting content and plenty of drama following House Of The Dragon as the season continues. This episode is thick with suspense and new characters, so it’s a good one to watch.

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