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Ordinary Life, Complicated Matters: A Review of “Funny Pages”

Sometimes it’s hard to not feel like the world is one giant, hopeless pile of . When you’re feeling down, what can you do to lift your spirits? It’s easy to get caught up in our little problems and forget about the big picture. However, sometimes the best remedy for a bad mood is laughter. It’s not always easy (or possible) to go out into the world and find laughter. So sometimes we have to bring laughter into our lives. That often means looking up comedy videos on YouTube or reading a funny book or novel.

Introduction of The Funny Pages


The Funny Page is a film about creativity and comedy. The film looks at the lives of five different comedians and the comedic ways in which they process their lives. It is directed by Jeff Krulik (Heavy Metal Parking Lot) and John Heyn (Baltimore Rock Opera Society). It stars Maria Thayer, Howard Kremer, Amy Schumer, Will Weldon, Bobcat Goldthwait, Donnell Rawlings, Lance Sherwood, Bobby Slayton, and Tom Papa. The Funny Pages reveals that comedy feeds on our anxieties while providing respite from them through laughter. Comedy provides a release valve for our anxieties in an uncertain world.

Names of the characters in The Funny Pages

Daniel Zolghadri
Matthew Maher
Miles Emanuel
Maria Dizzia
Josh Pais
Stephen Adly Guirgis
Marcia DeBonis
Michael Townsend Wright
Cleveland Thomas Jr.
Rob M. Anderson
Ron Rifkin
Tony Hassini
Andy Milonakis
Mitchell Wenig
Sylvia Michael Martinez
Shane Fleming
Peter Lucibello
Constance Shulman


Story of The Funny Pages

After many years of being in the business, I wanted to make a film that captured the essence of the humorist and their journey. To do so I positioned myself as a person trying to get into print publishing by creating what he thought would be his first publication. I made my movie about my life and it became a commercial success and is still featured on Amazon Prime’s streaming service right now.

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My main character, Billy Myers, struggles with his pursuit to create great comedy through his comic sheets while juggling other work commitments. To do this I had to make a lot of sacrifices, such as working at two papers and doing other freelance odd jobs. The story depicts the evolution over time of how Billy views his work and how he trudges along in the pursuit of his goals.

A Collection of Humorous Pages Conventional Rebellion of a Teenage Prodigy, Analyzed

“Funny Pages” is a series of autobiographies by America’s teen-aged geniuses, written by their mothers and fathers. It doesn’t preach or teach, it just tells. It’s like a very toned-down How to Win Friends and Influence People. There are three stories in “Funny Pages,” all about kids with unconventional interests: a girl who likes to collect teddy bears, a boy who likes to draw pictures of bugs, and one that is obsessed with making stuffed animals talk.

These three characters have uncanny similarities. Both the girl and the bug boy are odd, yet they can draw a crowd. Both have mothers who worry about their “deviance”–or, in the case of bug boy, his mother is stumped by his potential as a fashion designer. Yet both love their children unconditionally. They also care about their kids’ futures, with each investing in her child’s talents to help them succeed in life despite their parent’s fears for them.


So, what do you think about The Funny Pages?

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