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For his new film, “The Gorge,” Miles Teller is reuniting with the director of “The Black Phone.”

For his new film, “The Gorge,” Miles Teller is reuniting with the director of “The Black Phone.”

Actor Miles Teller has teamed up with director Joshua Leonard, best known as the mind behind the horror movie “The Black Phone”, for his next film. The idea is to produce a psychological thriller that centers on three friends who embark on a fishing trip in scenic Oregon and become stranded after their boat has an accident. According to Deadline, Teller will play one of the friends and will work as a producer alongside Leonard. It’s unclear how far along production is at this point, but from what we’ve heard so far it sounds like this could be an exciting project for both actors.

Introduction of The Gorge


The Gorge: In the spirit of American innovation, the story of how a local company in Pennsylvania turned into one of the hottest new brands on the international market. The film reveals how two brothers found themselves suddenly outpaced by global competition. And challenged to build their businesses without compromising their values. Philadelphia, a town with an abundance of creative talent, has long been known as America’s melting pot. But now that melting pot is bubbling over with success stories not only in art but also across a variety of industries including finance and technology.

Names of the characters in The Gorge



Dave Matthews
Jason Mraz
Dierks Bentley
Pat Monahan
Mike McCready
Steve Miller Band
John Oates
Ken Kinnear

Story of The Gorge


The Story of The Gorge movie is about a man who goes on an adventure by foot and car. The journey takes him from the Yukon to British Columbia. He has to cross many obstacles like White Pass, Mount Logan, the Continental Divide, and more. His girlfriend gets sick of his outdoor antics and sends him away for a break. Every person has made an epic story in some form or another. Also, what could be better than recording your own life? Many movies were filmed in every country: “The Grand Canyon”, “Walking on Sunshine”, and “Under the Tuscan Sun”.

Why not film your own story?



You can record the last 1,000 miles. After driving down the English River, you will be able to film the last 900 miles. You will be familiar with the Yukon and you can show it off in the movie. You have all of the gear you need right at home! All you need is a camera, a tripod, and a memory card (a memory card will not be included). You can also carry your audio recording equipment with you:  iPod, iPhone, Digital recorder + microphone (if recording).

To be directed by Scott Derrickson, “The Gorge” will star Miles Teller


Miles Teller, the 26-year-old actor who picked up an Academy Award nomination for his work in Whiplash this year, will star in a new horror film called The Gorge. Set to be directed by Scott Derrickson of Sinister and Doctor Strange fame, The Gorge follows the story of Jacob Neumann (Tizen), a college graduate who returns to his hometown on the Oregon coast after graduating from Harvard University.

Looking to reconnect with his childhood friends, Jacob decides to go on a hike with them at the “Gorge”, an unusually secluded spot high above the ocean. But as they begin to hike, they quickly discover that they are not alone. and uncover a dark secret buried deep in their small town’s history. It’s unknown who Teller will play in the film; while no other casting has been officially announced, The Gorge is said to take place entirely in flashback, as it follows a man named John Connor who investigates the mysterious case of Jacob Neumann’s death. It has also been mentioned that his wife will play a role in the film as well.


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