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Executive producers of “For All Mankind” talk about the thrilling season 3 finale

Last night, the final episode of season 3 of AMC’s acclaimed show, For All Mankind aired. The last episode of the season closed with a lot of suspense and anticipation for what will happen in season 4. As always, we went live on Facebook during the East Coast airing to discuss all the big moments with our followers. Now that you have had a chance to watch and reflect on “The Collapse” finale — which was written by Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta– we want to know what you thought!

Introduction of The For All Mankind


The For All Mankind season is a coming-of-age story about three friends and two teachers who get whacked with a bombshell. The principal of their high school gets fired, the coach decides he’s had enough, and the school district is going to close their beloved little school down. In response, they decide to do something reckless. They band together, take on everyone in town who wants them to quit fighting–and keep the team alive” What’s an indie movie without heart and relentless struggle? Aspiring filmmaker Mike Brown has just wrapped production on The For All Mankind season. But now that it’s done, Brown faces one of the most intimidating challenges of his life: distribution.

Characters’ names from For the Sake of Mankind

Joel Kinnaman
Shantel VanSanten
Sarah Jones
Mason Thames
Jeff Hephner
Coral Peña
Michael Dorman
Wrenn Schmidt
Cynthy Wu
Meghan Leathers


Story of The For All Mankind


The For All Mankind series is an award-winning memoir and bestseller written by Alex Kotlowitz. This story tells of how the young protagonist, Mike Brown, finds out his father has passed away when he suddenly sees his dad’s face on a makeshift memorial for the victims of a police shooting in Ferguson, Missouri.


The child learns some harsh lessons about the world when it’s not just about him and starts researching to discover more about his dad’s death. There is no one alive who would have been able to write such a moving and passionate story. The first novella, The For All Mankind Contest, reveals how Mike learned about his dad’s death and what happened before and after the shooting. It’s been a while, but I think someone should make this series into a novel. To prepare for his upcoming 8th-grade report card, Mike travels to St Louis where he meets the father of the man that was killed by the police. This story tells of how Mike learned about his dad’s death and what happened before and after the shooting.

Season 3 ends with Karen Twist’s emotional performance in “For All Mankind,” which we recap here

If you’ve been following the show from the start, you know that Karen was finally a member of For All Mankind. And when we last left her, she was happily interacting with her fellow teammates-and their fans-in an Instagram Story. The episode established that they all had a great time and would continue to do so. But after this weekend’s ‘For All Mankind’ finale, Karen said goodbye to For All Mankind by revealing that she wouldn’t be returning for Season 3.

“I said, ‘I’m not coming back. I’m out of here,’ and then I was like, ‘Nobody ever leaves the show! Where am I going?

But no matter what happens on ‘For All Mankind,” she has found fandom of her own in the form of Twitch Chat. (She also has an Instagram full of adorable fan art.) While For All Mankind fans continue to speculate as to why Karen left For All Mankind (spoilers: she wants to go back to school), she admitted that it was hard for her to decide whether or not to leave the show.


Your thoughts on The For All Mankind?

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