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Top-Rated Original Film “Secret Headquarters” Breaks Viewership Records

Top-Rated Original Film “Secret Headquarters” Breaks Viewership Records

Forty years ago, a little show called “Secret Headquarters” first aired on HBO. The Emmy Award-winning series quickly became a global phenomenon and to date, it is the most-watched original movie in the network’s history. In honor of its 40th anniversary, we talked with one of the stars of “Secret Headquarters”, Vincent Lucianne. Vincent played Shecky Greene in the film and he had this to say about his experience:

Introduction of The Secret Headquarters

In the movie The Secret Headquarters, our protagonist is an aspiring artist who lives in an apartment with a friend. He takes up a casual job as the night desk attendant of the hotel where he lives. It’s not much of a living but at least it’s a job and it pays for his apartment and art supplies. One day, he meets a stranger who claims to own the hotel and offers him more money for his work if he will agree to spy on one of their guests. Our hero has recently fallen into some financial difficulties so he agrees to do it on the condition that they pay him in advance.

Names of the characters in The Secret Headquarters

Walker Scobell
Momona Tamada
Keith L. Williams
Michael Peña
Kezii Curtis
Lucius Baston
Abby James Witherspoon
Dayna Beilenson
Charles Melton
Jessie Mueller
Owen Wilson
Lav Luv

Story of The Secret Headquarters

A secret headquarters is a place where the world’s most powerful people meet to make decisions and plan their futures. A place that is not supposed to be found, let alone by the public. The story of The Secret Headquarters movie goes back in time, depicting how this place was created almost 100 years ago. The country was still trying to recover from World War I; it was plagued by economic and political uncertainty. But after an entire decade of darkness and misery, some people were starting to feel hopeful about America’s future as they saw newly built skyscrapers everywhere they looked in every direction.


With Owen Wilson’s help, “Secret Headquarters” became Paramount+’s most-streamed original movie ever

Paramount Pictures and Owen Wilson just gave fans something they will talk about for a long time. That is because the latest episode of “Secret Headquarters” — which airs on Paramount+ — has demonstrated that exclusive showtime content can have a lasting impact on streaming history as it is now reaching net-record levels. “Secret Headquarters,” which features Owen Wilson and Chris O’Dowd, has now surpassed “Friends”. Also, as the most-streamed original episode of a cable series in the past 12 months. “SHT” has now driven 8.7 million streams in that period, outpacing the 6.9 million for “Friends.” The numbers are so big that Paramount is releasing a special premium channel — Secret Headquarters TV.

The series follows Owen Wilson and his friend played by O’Dowd as they make a stealth entrance into a world where they are undercover superheroes fighting crime in New York City.


So, what do you think about The Secret Headquarters?

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