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Sesame Street – Everything About This TV Series Is Here

Sesame Street – Everything About This TV Series Is Here

This is a blog post about the TV series Sesame Street. It will include a brief overview of the show’s history, its most famous segments, and trivia about it.Sesame Street is an American children’s television series that premiered on November 10, 1969 on PBS. It was created by Joan Ganz Cooney and Lloyd Morrisett. The show has won 124 Emmy Awards, including one for Outstanding Children’s Series in 1989. The popularity of the workshop’s street fairs convinced Cooney and her colleagues that they should use television as a medium for developmental research. The most famous Muppet from the series is probably Big Bird, who was performed by Caroll Spinney from 1969 until his retirement in 2018. Since then Andrew Martin has taken over performances of Big Bird and David Rudman performs Ernie.

Release Date: November 10, 1969

Running Time: 60 minutes (1969–2015), 30 minutes (2014–present)

Production Company: Sesame Workshop


Country: United States

Language: English

Movie Rating (IMDb) : 8.1/10

Cast And Crew :

Produced By:

  • David Connell (1969–72)
  • Jon Stone (1972–78)
  • Al Hyslop (1978–80) (credited “producer” in season 10)
  • Dulcy Singer (1980–93)
  • Michael Loman (1993–2002)
  • Dr. Lewis Bernstein (2003–05)
  • Carol-Lynn Parente (2006–17)
  • Brown Johnson (2017–19)
  • Benjamin Lehman (2018–present)

Created by: Joan Ganz Cooney and Lloyd Morrisett

The show is set in a neighbourhood of New York City called “Sesame Street”. The cast includes human characters as well as puppets.

The Human Characters Include:


  • Luis, a Spanish-speaking Muppet 
  • Grover, an anthropomorphic Sesame Street squirrel 
  • Bert and Ernie whose last names are never specified but who are always seen together 
  • Gordon, who is a blue Muppet with arms that resemble the letter “G” 
  • Oscar the Grouch (a garbage can)
  • Cookie Monster (a monster who likes cookies)
  • The Count (a self-important vampire from Transylvania)
  • Zoe, who is an actress/singer and Cat, a cat with orange fur

About This TV Series :


Sesame Street is known for its long running episodes that have appeared since it began in 1969. Its debut episode was called “a pilot show” and featured Big Bird as an adult Grover with a brief introduction to the show by Kermit the Frog titled “The Grouch”. Since its premiere, it has spawned many spinoff shows such as Sesame Street Live, The Electric Company and Follow That Bird. Episodes of Sesame Street are often divided into short segments. These are usually 25 minutes long or less. The show currently airs over 80 episodes per season which fall into three seasons (spring, summer and winter).


The plot of most of the episodes revolves around one particular character and their interaction with other human and Muppet characters. Episodes may contain more Muppet-themed elements. For example, Ep.2767 (“The Count Counts On Sesame Street”) centres on a rivalry between Count von Count and Gordon the Grouchy Grouch who is obsessed with counting and micro-managing others.

 One episode features two celebrities: Cheryl Ladd and Mae Questel. The two are featured in an episode, which was a parody of the soap opera Days of Our Lives. Other episodes centre around specific holidays such as Christmas, Easter or the Series’ main annual feature: Sesame Street’s Children’s Concert in December. Some episodes are focused on an adult human character, such as Dorothy on Ep.2672 (“Dorothy’s Birthday”), or Grover in Ep.2676 (“Grover Falls Asleep”). Many other characters celebrate a particular occasion such as Abby Cadabby who in Ep.2373 (“Abby’s Wedding Day”) gets married to her prince (Celebrity Visits Sesame Street).

My Reviews On This TV Series:



I think this is a great show for kids. Even a 3-year-old child loves it, and I like that there’s something new to watch each week. There is so much to learn from this show, and it is one of my daughter’s absolute favourite shows to watch.It helps me out as well because we can talk about things while we are watching. It’s a good learning tool for kids, and it’s very entertaining at the same time.

Are The Ratings Of This Series Good Or Bad?


The ratings for this series are very good. In fact, Sesame Street is the number one and most watched children’s TV show in the US! Despite the show being on PBS, it’s also extremely popular around the world. The ratings seem to be a bit on the high side. It’s not that bad, but still a little crowded. If you are looking to get it, go ahead and get a subscription. It will help reduce your monthly bills if you have a cable bill or internet bill at home.

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