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Season Three of Titans Is Finally Making Its Way to Blu-ray and DVD On the eve of Halloween, this year

Season Three of Titans Is Finally Making Its Way to Blu-ray and DVD On the eve of Halloween, this year

This Halloween, we’re teasing your senses with the spookiest season of all: Titans Season 3! This monster-sized set is packed with 12 action-packed episodes and hours of bonus features including never before seen footage, deleted scenes, and a gag reel that will make you scream! Want more? How about the episode commentaries by all of your favorite Titan voice actors? It’s just too much for one person to handle. When you get your hands on this release, watch as Robin struggles to keep control of his alter ego Kevin from within.

Introduction of The Titans’ Season 3


Season 3 of The Titans is coming up and everyone is excited. A lot of hype has been built around the show because of its recent successes on social media. Now, let’s see how we can hype it up even more by using Instagram 😛. Last year was an amazing year for the Titans, we watched them grow and become more and more powerful. So it’s no surprise that Season 3 is going to be epic. Who knows what else could happen in the series?

But has anyone ever wondered how we got here?


We’d like to tell you a bit about the show’s past years so that you can get a better understanding of what this season is about 😀. This all started when Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy were first introduced to each other through Robin. At first, they didn’t know each other at all.

Names of the characters in The Titans’ Season 3

Vincent Kartheiser
Brenton Thwaites
Anna Diop
Teagan Croft
Ryan Potter
Conor Leslie

Story of The Titans’ Season 3

The story of how the Titans, who were first established in Season 2, came to be fully formed and ready for their big third season premiere. One of them is the story of how Darryl and Garth became The Titans, thanks to Beast Boy coming up with their name after accidentally calling himself a titty freak when he was Raven’s minion at a party. This Season 3 premiere will bring back many familiar faces from the previous two seasons as well as some new ones who might just change everything about our beloved team.

The Titans have become a well-oiled machine, but so has the team of villains bent on ruining everything for them. And will the Titans be able to stop them? Will they even be able to keep The Tower around much longer? Do they even want to? With Season 3 being a turning point for all of them, it will be an intriguing season.

Photos from Titans’ Season 4 set confirm the show will feature a pivotal Washington, DC location

The newest installment of the show “Titans” has already begun filming and the first set photos are in. The photos confirm that a major DC location will be introduced and that those who have been waiting for it all season long can finally exhale. And it is said to be one of the best episodes of “Titans”. As fans prepare for an action-packed release, they also anticipate who could be introduced during the next episode, but someone else not too familiar to fans of DC takes center stage…but they’re only rumored at this point. The photos below have been seen on the site The Live Feed, but of course, we could not confirm that this is truly what’s going to happen.

So, what do you think about The Titans’ Season 3?


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