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Reviewing the Greatest Films About Killer Children, From Orphan to The Omen

Reviewing the Greatest Films About Killer Children, From Orphan to The Omen

In the past, horror movies were mostly about monsters that killed people in a myriad of gore-filled ways. Nowadays, though, it seems that the most popular fare is aimed at kids. These days you know what time it is when an animated movie makes over a billion dollars or two — in the admittedly unlikely event that there are any animated movies, to begin with. The back-to-back successes of “Ice Age: The Meltdown” and “Monster House” demonstrate that kids still love seeing how their favorite animated characters are terrorized (or, for the older ones, how ordinary animals turn into giant monsters). The same goes for movies like “Finding Nemo,” “And Toy Story,” and classics like “Nightmare on Elm Street.” And there are many others. We recently asked our readers if they had seen any of the following horror movies aimed at children — and asked if they liked them — and received some interesting responses.

Introduction of The Omen


The Omen is one of the most horrifying horror movies ever made. The movie tells the story of a wealthy American businessman who adopts a young boy from an orphanage in Beirut, Africa. He and his wife move with the child to their home in London. And attempt to live a happy family life, despite some strange occurrences. The kid behaves strangely at times, he’s disrespectful to his parents and screams uncontrollably at night while they’re sleeping. But they love him and dismiss these as typical adolescent rebellions.

Names of the characters in The Omen

Gregory Peck
Lee Remick
David Warner
Billie Whitelaw
Harvey Spencer Stephens
Patrick Troughton
Martin Benson
Leo McKern
Robert Rietti
Tommy Duggan
John Stride
Anthony Nicholls
Holly Palance
Roy Boyd
Freda Dowie
Sheila Raynor
Robert MacLeod
Bruce Boa


Story of The Omen

In the year 1976, a movie was released that would go on to become one of the most frightening in cinematic history – The Omen. To this day, it remains a staple in horror movie fandom and has yet to be topped, even by recent releases such as IT or Get Out. The plot for The Omen is about a couple who adopts what they believe to be an abandoned child but slowly discover that something more sinister is going on. As time goes on, events happen such as their son Damien (played by Harvey Stephens) having nightmares and drawing creepy images of people being hung or decapitated rocks up at school with his teachers asking him where he got them from.

The Omen’s David Warner Scene Left an Indelible Mark on Our Souls

If you’re like me, you’re probably still scarred for life by that scene in The Omen where Damien (played by Brad Dourif) is cradling the knife, then jamming it into a pig’s eye. Or maybe you’ve seen it from your kids and are wondering what the heck happened. I remember watching that scene unfold and feeling as if I was going to be sick. But even though that movie set off a chain of disturbing nightmares of my own while I was younger, there’s no doubt in mind that some people were capable of accepting the scary imagery without feeling scared out of their wits.

So, what do you think about The Omen?

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