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The Night Of The Hunter (1955) – All You Need To know About This Movie

The Night Of The Hunter (1955) – All You Need To know About This Movie

“The Night Of The Hunter” is a 1955 film directed by Charles Laughton, who also plays the lead role. It’s based on the novel of the same name written by Davis Grubb and stars Robert Mitchum. The movie follows a psychotic preacher named Harry Powell (Laughton) who hunts down and kills anyone who stands in his way of collecting a dead man’s $10,000 life insurance. This chase takes him across three states where he meets two children, John and Pearl Potts. They are both in danger because they know too much about what Powell has done.

Release Date: July 26, 1955 (USA)

Running Time: 92 minutes

Country: USA


Language: English

Movie Rating (IMDb) : 8/10

Full Cast And Crew :


Director: Charles Laughton

Writers: James Agee (screenplay) and Davis Grubb (novel)



  • Harry Powell – Charles Laughton
  • John – Billy Chapin
  • Pearl – Sally Jane Bruce
  • Peter Graves – Ben Harper
  • Gloria Castillo – Ruby, one of Rachel’s girls
  • Paul Bryar – Bart the Hangman (uncredited)[9]
  • Sally Jane Bruce – Pearl Harper
  • James Gleason – Uncle “Birdie” Steptoe
  • Evelyn Varden – Icey Spoon, Willa’s employer
  • Don Beddoe – Walt Spoon, Icey’s husband

Box Office Collection :


“The Night Of The Hunter” was a huge box office success in the United States. It was nominated for six Academy Awards, including one for Best Score, which it won. It also received four Golden Globe nominations and won two of the four. This film is often regarded as an American classic and it broke barriers in mainstream Hollywood by showing the audience what could be achieved by independent filmmakers. Box office collection in the USA was 

$1, 912, 000 (1955), and in Canada: $936, 000 (1955).

Are The Ratings Of This Movie Good Or Bad?


Many people who enjoy this film mark it as a 10 out of 10. Some of the negative comments about this film include that the ending is too dark for children to watch and the fact that it is not a film for everyone.


My Rating And Review About This Film :


I have given this film a 10 out of ten mark as it was a great story and I enjoyed watching it. It has been on my list of great films for many years and watched many times over. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys such classic movies. The final scene shows that Powell’s soul has been kept alive in the children and they will carry on his love for them and bring him back at a later date.

Why Is The Story Line So Good?


The storyline is so good because it follows all the aspects of a classic movie. It has great acting, an interesting storyline, interesting music, and cool scenery. It has all these factors in one movie and is responsible for why it has been regarded as an American classic. The music is so popular in this film and it uses the main theme song “The Night Of The Hunter”. It is used to show the darkness of the movie. The black and white cinematography by Stanley Cortez makes this film so great to watch. It has a mysterious feel that fits with the whole storyline and dark atmosphere of the movie. “The Night Of The Hunter” is an excellent black-and-white horror classic filmed in 1941 by Joseph H. Lewis as a neo-noir film, but suppressed for almost two decades due to its flaws until recently discovered, when it was released in its entirety after being unused for years.


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