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Cabinet of Curiosities, Guillermo del Toro’s horror anthology series, had its first trailer released on Netflix

Cabinet of Curiosities, Guillermo del Toro’s horror anthology series, had its first trailer released on Netflix

Netflix has just released the first look at Guillermo del Toro’s horror series, Cabinet of Curiosities. Cabinet of Curiosities is a six-episode anthology series and Del Toro will direct two episodes himself. In both his episode and those of other directors, Del Toro describes Cabinet as “weirdly hopeful – it’s a good weird feeling, it’s not dystopian or pessimistic.” He wants to explore fear in an “oddly sweet way,” with care for its characters rather than just “jump scares”.

Introduction of The Cabinet of Curiosities

The Cabinet of Curiosities is an American stop-motion animated fantasy drama film directed by Scott Stewart by Universal Pictures. Mads Mikkelsen, Doug Jones, and Lena Headey star in the film as three people who come into possession of an elaborate cabinet made entirely of human teeth. As they are drawn into the intrigue surrounding it, they find themselves in a world built entirely from human teeth. The film has been met with mixed reviews from critics who praised its visuals but felt that it was poorly executed plot-wise.

Names of the characters in The Cabinet of Curiosities

Megan Many
Ish Morris
Sofia Boutella
Geena Davis
Elpidia Carrillo
Oriana Leman
Ben Barnes
Andrew Lincoln
DJ Qualls
Crispin Glover
Kate Micucci
Nia Vardalos
F. Murray Abraham
Martin Starr
Rupert Grint
Tim Blake Nelson
Peter Weller
Essie Davis

Story of The Cabinet of Curiosities

If you’re a fan of the exploratory naturalism of Victorian Science, then you must know about the Cabinet of Curiosities. It was an eclectic collection assembled by the German physician and naturalist Professor Friedrich Christian Ludwig Hagenmüller (1803-1878). The Cabinet was comprised of his collections as well as items he purchased. It was said to have housed 2,000 specimens and artifacts from every corner of the world.



In 1866, this spectacular collection became part of Robert Dudley’s new museum in London. The museum is today more commonly known as “The Museum Of Curiosity”. The museum was a place where myriad natural history interests could come together to see specimens that would otherwise remain unseen. It is still active but is now known as The Natural History Museum (London). When the museum opened, the public was especially interested in “curiosity cabinets”. These cabinets were often built with fantastic and sometimes grotesque and unusual collections of taxidermy animals. For example, the Museum Of Curiosity has a “Cabinet of Curiosities” that includes a 15 ft birdcage, while another display includes a cabinet where one can get into an aquarium through an opening in the ceiling (the ceiling of the aquarium is part of the floor).

The trailer for Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities on Netflix describes each episode in detail

The trailer gives us a peek at each of the episodes in the series. “Cabinet of Curiosities”, which Guillermo del Toro is directing, will give fans a glimpse into his collection of unique items and explore their varied stories. Whether it’s exploring time travel, following vampires, or seeing different ways to make ham that has never been seen before… there is truly something for everyone. This two-hour documentary series on Netflix follows the making of this spectacular show from beginning to end and shows how del Toro has created pieces that are both fascinating and visually stunning.

So, what do you think about The Cabinet of Curiosities?


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