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Alan Tudyk and Linda Hamilton to Star in New ‘Resident Alien’ Episode, Showrunner Confirms

Alan Tudyk and Linda Cardellino, stars of the Amazon series “Resident Alien,” talk about their high-concept sci-fi show with Starlog Magazine. Watch as they share what it was like playing characters who have forgotten everything from their world’s past and why working on a show so different from “Firefly” for the first time in six years has been so invigorating for them both.

Introduction of The Resident Alien

The Resident Alien Season is the seventh season of SyFy’s TV show The Expanse. The series follows United Nations diplomat James Holden and his crew aboard the ice freighter Rocinante, as they struggle to survive after Earth and Mars go to war. Watch on SyFy (USA) | Sky One (UK) | Now TV (Ireland) | Vier TV (Germany). Watch on YooLandi TV – Watch exactly what you want, when you want it with this customizable TV channel that lets you record your favorite shows live or watch them with a pre-recorded buffer.

Names of the characters in The Resident Alien

Sara Tomko
Alan Tudyk
Elizabeth Bowen
Jenna Lamia
Terry O’Quinn
Michael Cassidy
Meredith Garretson
Alice Wetterlund
Levi Fiehler
Corey Reynolds
Judah Prehn
Mandell Mau

Story of The Resident Alien

The Resident Alien is a fan-fiction show that takes place on a remote military base. It’s run by the base commander, Colonel Bowers, who has strict rules to keep things under control and not just be an insane mess. However, when it comes to his orders, he doesn’t enforce them much. The current season is set in the fictional American town of Wayward Pines, Idaho. Secret Service agent Ethan Burke arrives in Wayward Pines seeking two missing federal agents. He soon discovers that he has been sent to investigate the disappearance of two federal agents and finds himself trapped inside the town with no way out.


As he tries to find a way out all evidence points to a conspiracy, including local law enforcement and government officials who refuse to leave and mysterious events such as a genetically-altered organism that kills its victims within days. All while investigating these mysteries, Ethan comes across several new threats such as an intelligent race of creatures who have infiltrated human society for centuries and now dominate humankind’s every move.

The Second Season of Resident Alien Tenderly Examines Loss and Grief

“Death is a natural part of life.” As this phrase echoes in my head, it rings true. We live on an unforgiving planet, populated by creatures that can’t exist beyond their mortality. Through the ages, many have been tasked by society to remember the dead so that we do not forget them. This gives us a sense of belonging with the deceased and creates rituals for us living people that help us cope with and remember what has passed before our eyes. Death can be frightening but also brings peace and tranquility to those who have lost someone they love or care about.


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