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Movie adaptations of the Sega games “Space Channel 5” and “Comix Zone” are now in production

Sega announced that they would be releasing a movie adaptation of the classic games “Space Channel 5” and “Comix Zone,” both of which were developed by its own Team Andromeda division. Also, the film follows soon after. The trailer for the movie was released earlier this year on July 1st, and it looks like a cheesy 80’s style cartoon. Many fans have given their complaints about the movie not being based on the games and being a watered-down version of its source material. The director of the film has said that he’s going to be using his unique direction when making it: “If you simply transplant Space Channel 5 into a real-world environment, then you won’t see anything but ordinary people. With this project, I’ve made a conscious effort to take an imaginative leap and create something with character.”

Introduction of The Comix Zone

The Comix Zone forms the foundation of a movie that’s like regular games, only better. This is a game-based movie, but it’s not just more of the same old stuff you’ve seen before. The Comix Zone does contain some characters from other universes – Spiderman and Spawn for two, who serve as secondary protagonists – but it doesn’t want to be taken too seriously at any point, and there’s plenty of humor to break up the action scenes.


The plot itself is fairly simple: an innocent guy in a wheelchair loses his comic book collection – it’s a plot we’ve seen countless times before, but it works well enough here and serves to introduce Kyle as the main character. Kyle is like most of the other characters in the movie: he’s not quite as good as he should be at fighting with weapons (but at least he can fight with his feet!) but should prove to be a good help against the forces of evil.

Names of the characters in The Comix Zone

Sketch Turner
Alissa Cyan

Story of The Comix Zone

Sega created a five-part comic book series called “The Comix Zone” that told the story of how a major comic book company got tangled up with an evil software company and had to be saved by the lead artist. Twenty years later, The Comix Zone is finally coming to theaters in the form of a Hollywood blockbuster starring Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles actor Sean Astin as Max Spielman. How it all happened is a story that starts with a Sega executive named Michael Katz hiring an actress-writer named Courtney Love to write the script. She was going through a drug rehab program. She called her husband, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, and asked him to do the comic illustrations.

Two Movie Adaptations of Classic Sega Games Announced

Sega has announced two new movie adaptations for cult classic games, including Sonic the Hedgehog. Also, Paramount Pictures had purchased the film rights to its 1990s game series to produce a live-action and animated hybrid. The other adaptation is for Yakuza, Sega’s long-running crime drama that has inspired several video games, a manga series, and three popular Japanese TV dramas. The Yakuza film is set to be co-produced by Japanese studio WIT STUDIO and Hollywood studio Over Pictures, with the announcement coming one year after Sega announced they had acquired the rights to make a live-action Yakuza movie. The two movies will be produced by Woo-sung Chung of “Bulletproof” and “Black Panther” fame.


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