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An All-New Teaser for the Weeknd’s Upcoming HBO Drama “The Idol” Shows Off More of the Cast and Some Extreme Scenes

An All-New Teaser for the Weeknd’s Upcoming HBO Drama “The Idol” Shows Off More of the Cast and Some Extreme Scenes

The weekend’s HBO drama “the idol” has released a new teaser showing more cast members and wild footage. the clip, which was created by director Hiro Murai, has already garnered over five million views on HBO’s youtube channel in three days. “The Idol” centers on a former music producer/singer named Michael (played by the Weeknd) whose life is turned upside down when he is thrust into the world of the tv talent competition.

Introduction of The Idol

The Idol series is a TV show in South Korea. This show has been around for over 6 years and has recently come back on the air, with new cast members. And it aimed to create an unprecedentedly powerful idol system by distributing stars across many music genres so that they may be easily found and targeted by young people all over the world. Seeing as it is a very popular show, it is here to remain for many years to come.


The idol series had a lot of influence on the Korean music industry because they represented not just Korean music. But also Korean culture through their music and dancing. Many companies who had already made an idol group(groups who have already debuted. And are very popular) have started debuting more groups after seeing this success. Their popularity brought in more fans compared to the older generation of idols.

Names of the characters in The Idol

The Weeknd
Lily-Rose Depp
Troye Sivan
Debby Ryan
Rachel Sennott
Jennie Kim
Steve Zissis
Hari Nef
Juliebeth Gonzalez
Anne Heche
Elizabeth Berkley
Melanie Liburd
Tyson Ritter
Nico Hiraga
Maya Eshet
Tunde Adebimpe
Kyla Dyan
Liz Caribel Sierra

Story of The Idol

“The Idol series, created by Ryo Tsurugi and published by Shogakukan in 2002, follows the adventures of two sisters named Kohaku and Kotohime when they are entrusted with a magical jewel that contains the souls of long-dead demons”. Kagome would love to know more about Kagome’s cursed jewel, but she has no idea where or how to start. “On the eve of her 16th birthday, the youngest of three schoolgirls named Kagome Higurashi receives a mysterious and ancient wooden box on her doorstep. Inside the box is an intricate carving of three women in a circle. Upon opening it, she is greeted by a colorful light, which triggers a vision and transports her to another dimension.” “Kagome wakes up in this other world and is unsure what happened to her, as she can no longer remember anything before arriving.

Check out the brand new The Idol trailer, starring Dan Levy, Troye Sivan, and Hari Nef, on HBO

HBO’s latest show, The Idol, made its debut at a fan event in Los Angeles this week. Fans were allowed to watch the pilot episode at a screening and meet with stars Dan Levy, Troye Sivan, and Hari Nef. The show is centered around an ensemble cast of performers that take turns hosting each week of the talent show season where they battle it out for the coveted “Idol crown”.


Out actor Dan Levy (Peter Pan Live!, Schitt’s Creek) plays the main host of the show and takes viewers through each episode. His character is a gay man, which is the first time an LGBT+ actor has been cast in this role for a major network show. The Idol also stars YouTube sensation Troye Sivan, who plays one of the contestants in the reality competition series.

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