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A Preview of Nicolas Cage’s Return in “National Treasure 3”

Nicolas Cage is back! In a new teaser video, the Hollywood star appears to be one more mystery in an intriguing plot that looks to continue his Secret Service lifestyle. If you’re a fan of Nicolas Cage, then this latest teaser must have been one awesome sauce reveal for you. As we previously reported, ‘National Treasure: Book of Secrets’ made its announcement with a first-look trailer that was released on April 11. This new clip includes off-screen footage and some new shots of Cage as Benjamin Franklin Gates. It also features some behind-the-scenes footage from the set of ‘National Treasure 3.

Introduction of The National Treasure: Edge of History

This film is based on the National Treasure book series by Robert Levine and has been well received with a “fresh” rating of 89%. The plot follows Tom Gates (Geoffrey Rush) and his wife Holly (Laura Linney) as they go on an adventure to find The Capstone of Liberty to stop President Abraham Lincoln from being assassinated. The plot also includes many historical figures such as Lewis and Clark, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin. This source of entertainment has both entertained and educated audiences for years with its many twists and turns in thrilling adventures across America.

Names of the characters in The National Treasure: Edge of History

Harvey Keitel
Justin Bartha
Lisette Alexis
Jordan Rodrigues
Antonio Cipriano
Lyndon Smith
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Zuri Reed
Jake Austin W

The National Treasure: On the Verge of History

The US President unexpectedly resigned just three months before the election. There is a new Vice-President, and he is from an organization that’s been plotting against the US for a long time. They have left clues in history about their existence and this film follows one man as he travels around to decode these hints in time to save America from destruction.


One of my favorite movies is The National Treasure: Edge of History. It’s a movie about the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus and his men. In this part, they find a sword on one of their journeys that is made out of pure gold with diamonds inlaid into it. On the stone pedestal, it says “A gift from God.” They try to keep it for themselves and are then tricked by an Italian man named Bruno who claims he will give them the gold back if they let him go free. Christopher Columbus then sneaks up on them two weeks later with his entire fleet and takes away the sword before he captures Bruno and his fleet as well.

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Specifications An Allusion to Montezuma’s Gold in “National Treasure: Edge of History”

Montezuma’s Gold is the most famous treasure story in the history of the Americas. It tells of Mexico’s Aztec Emperor Montezuma. The tale has become commonplace knowledge that has been taught to millions of children throughout US schools for decades because it is deemed by many as a lesson about greed and revenge. However, this article reveals that this tale may not be exactly what has been presented to us over countless generations of history; research has uncovered that new evidence proves Montezuma was never killed at all, and neither did he end up dead or impoverished as historians have led us to believe.

So, what do you think about The National Treasure: Edge of History?

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