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Synopsis, Reviews, and Trailer for the Film “Vengeance” (2022)

Synopsis, Reviews, and Trailer for the Film “Vengeance” (2022)

Vengeance is a suspenseful and action-packed film following the story of an ex-cop-turned vigilante who becomes obsessed with investigating a 20-year cold case. He goes after those who were never held accountable. From his experience as a detective, he understands how to get inside the heads of these victims’ family members – and understands that their sense of powerlessness fuels their need for retribution. When things go too far, he must decide whether to uphold justice or help others find vengeance.

Introduction of The Vengeance


One of the first films in Warner Brothers’ new DC Comics Cinematic Universe, this is a film that sets its sights on Batman’s iconic villain as he begins to take revenge against those who have done him wrong. As Gotham City falls victim to a new breed of criminal, one man rises to reject Batman’s false authority and create a police state as violent and corrupt as the broken society around him.

The film stars Academy Award-winner Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight), Oscar winner Anne Hathaway (Les Miserables), Oscar nominee Gary Oldman (The Dark Knight), and Academy Award nominees Michael Caine (Ipcress File) and Morgan Freeman (Million Dollar Baby). The film is directed by Academy Award-winner Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight).

Names of the characters in The Vengeance

Emily VanCamp
Gabriel Mann
Madeleine Stowe
Nick Wechsler
Josh Bowman
Christa B. Allen
Barry Sloane
Connor Paolo
Margarita Levieva
Karine Vanasse
Elena Satine
James Tupper
Ashley Madekwe
Justin Hartley
Emily Alyn Lind
Henry Czerny

Story of The Vengeance

The movie is a true story about a man who was kidnapped by terrorists and they kept him locked up in an abandoned building for months before eventually executing him. The movie’s protagonist becomes so obsessed with hate and revenge that he begins to seek out information on terrorist locations to exact his kind of justice upon them. Soon he is leading a very public search for these terrorists, which results in his getting captured by them and held prisoner. The Vengeance film title is The Vengeance. The film director is Peter Tse. The actors/actresses in the movie are Eric Tsang, Michael Wong, So Man, Alex Chu, and many more. The music in the film is composed by Thomas Lee & Derek Wong (as Tse Lee). The movie rating on IMDB (Internet Movie Database) is from 6.2 to 6.9.


Who decides what’s real in B.J. Novak’s ‘Vengeance’?

In the horror movie, “Vengeance” by B.J. Novak, a New York City cop investigates a string of murders with no apparent motive and finds himself forced to question all that he knows about what’s real, as well as his sanity. Combining multiple genres of film into one movie full of haunting imagery and vivid characters, this film is an examination of the power players in reality who have their motivations for controlling their version of events. With intense scenes like a continual rainstorm or the protagonist being trapped in his garbage-filled apartment, it’s no wonder that this movie has gained so much popularity among cinephiles around the world.

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