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In a new Netflix documentary, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James will play executive producers on the U.S. basketball team’s historic run at the 2008 Olympics

Olympic Basketball Team, also known as the ‘Redeem Team,’ was one of the most dominant and memorable basketball teams in recent memory. The team, led by head coach Mike Krzyzewski, won gold at the Beijing Olympics in front of a home crowd and reclaimed America’s dominance on the court. Now Netflix is set to executive produce a documentary on that very team, telling their story from start to finish with an all-access inside look at the team’s preparation for Beijing and their journey throughout China before ultimately winning gold with a 100-point thrashing of Spain in front of thousands of fans.

Introduction of The Redeem Team


The Redeem Team is yet another action-packed, suspenseful movie about the dark side of human nature. This film does not shy away from the tough and cruel realities of our world. In this film, a group of gruff, rough-looking bikers is going around saving people from ruthless criminals in need of redemption. At first glance, that may seem like an easy task because these people have good hearts… but as you continue to watch these miserable individuals gradually grow and change into better versions of themselves, it becomes apparent that crime doesn’t always have an uplifting ending! Others will rise against you – even your own “friends” – simply because they want what’s yours or satisfaction for their evil deeds.

Names of the characters in The Redeem Team

LeBron James
Dwyane Wade
Mike Krzyzewski


Story of The Redeem Team


The Story of The Redeem Team movie is about a group of friends who were so passionate about their faith and the Lord’s work, they organized themselves into a team where they would commit to serving together for one year. Their love for Christ was so strong that it became their driving force for change in their community and the world, despite many roadblocks.

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It was through this great deal of faith that these young boys accomplished amazing things in the name of Jesus!
To learn more about this story, please visit our blog post “The Story of The Redeem Team movie”. Netflix Announces Premiere Date for Basketball Documentary, “The Redeem Team” In recent years, the NBA has undergone a dramatic transformation. Gone are the days of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, and in comes a new generation of stars like LeBron James and Kevin Durant. With this change, also came a shift in the style of game being played as well as big changes to basketball culture. The Redeem Team is a documentary tackling these very subjects with exclusive interviews from Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant, and other NBA superstars.

The documentary is directed by Reggie Yates, who spoke with us about the project.

“The Redeem Team is a docu-series of sorts; a story about not only the incredible journey of basketball but a portrait of two remarkable men who have reached incredible heights and are now taking their work off-court to do something truly important.” The documentary was originally scheduled to be released in 2014. However, on April 11th, Netflix released The Path and Redefining Reality with Kevin Durant which are both documentaries focusing on Kevin Durant’s NBA career. The delay is likely due to that film instead being shown in theaters first.


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