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The Radio Is Finished. The Breakfast Club has announced that they are splitting up after 11 years together. DJ AKADEMIKS, the only DJ who is said to be left in the mix of their show, is now unsure of his future and how he will continue to perform as a DJ without them.”

What’s Happening To The Radio Industry?


“Radio is finished. What’s done? What’s done are the days when radio was the only way you could consume music and get new information. Today we have media outlets galore. The internet has given us millions of options. But for that, there is content, no matter where it comes from. What’s happening to the radio industry? They’re doubling down on the same expired concepts and media outlets are going out of business. There is no room for radio in 2018 in my opinion. It’s time to move forward and evolve with the times or step aside accordingly.”

What Did Charlamagne The God Have To Say About This?



Charlamagne did not hold back when he was asked about this. He made it clear that he didn’t like the message DJ Akademiks was sending. This is what he had to say about it: “That’s a bold statement,” she said, responding to the news that hip-hop veteran DJ Kay Slay has been let go from Power 105.1. “I don’t know who Kay Slay is, but I don’t want to see his ass get fired from whatever you’re saying he got fired from. I want him to have a job. I don’t want the radio to die. I don’t want television to die, and I would like to continue using air travel. So before you even think about the words you’re going to say, make sure that you know what it’s affecting.”

What Was The Reason He Doesn’t Want To Be On The Radio Anymore?


In a series of follow-up posts, he backs up his claims, saying that as far as he’s concerned, radio is a dead medium. He says that he doesn’t want to be on the radio anymore and that it’s an obsolete format. He does think that satellite radio has legs in 2018, but terrestrial radio isn’t going to be a thing going forward. He further says that he’s not sure if he wants to do a podcast or not, since it does have the potential to be a dead format, but that he can do it on any medium. He also says that he doesn’t want to do any more episodes of The Breakfast Club, which he says is a dead format and is “no longer relevant in my mind”. He compares it to the Morning Zoo show on Sirius XM: “There used to be the Morning Zoo. It was a great show, they got rid of that show too because it was no longer relevant in their mind. This is what’s happening with the radio.”

Is This The End Of “The Breakfast Club”?



Akademiks goes on to say that he doesn’t want to be on the radio anymore and that he doesn’t want kids coming up thinking that they can be on the radio and make a living off of it. He does think that there’s a place for satellite radio in 2018, but terrestrial radio is done for. He’s not sure if he wants to do a podcast, but says he can do it anywhere, assuming people will listen to him. This is the end for The Breakfast Club though since he says a reunion isn’t happening anymore. The split will be made official on July 5th. This is a huge story, with one of the biggest morning radio shows in the country having been completely shattered.

How Does This Affect The Breakfast Club?


The Breakfast Club is in a very different position than Akademiks. As far as I know, it appears as though Charlamagne and DJ Envy are still on the show and doing regular programming. The rest of the talent has split off into their shows. Charlamagne has moved to his morning show on his other station, SiriusXM’s Sway in The Morning, which premiered last week and was met with a little less enthusiasm than he might’ve hoped. With Akademiks’ voice now off of anything terrestrial (from what I can tell), that puts him even closer to Charlamagne than they were before this.

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